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Kaemalisk was not a nervous mother. She had shared the sands with the blue-marked golden Queen Chelth for a week and then a clutch of engineered eggs had been placed on the sands, tended by a rotating cast of humans and the weyr’s complement of female Whers. 
Dawn was colouring the sky in delicate shades of pink and yellow as Kaemalisk reached out to her handler and her brother. The copper would not have been able to say how she knew this if questioned, but in the manner of Dragonkin mothers across Pern, she knew that today would be the day, and soon.
Puissar, Hiveca and Terrence passed by the two guard whers and were shown in, led by the Wherlingmaster. They were accompagnied by the cheerful presence of her dragon-bond and her own wher who immediately headed to check on the other clutch and settle her small form between the two clutches in order to ward off any potential untoward events.
It was a good quarter of an hour between the candidates arriving and the first egg finally breaking. The sands were filled with the quiet whispers of the waiting candidates and the murmuring of the small number of weyrfolk who had roused themselves to attend at this early hour, punctuated by louder yawns from those unused to being awake at this time, and all of it underscored by the welcoming hum of the dragonkin.
A small egg was the first to final break open, the one the candidates had dubbed the lonely egg, spilling onto the sands a tiny green, with her sire’s bright golden speckling. The markings on the edges of her wings caught the light as she stood and stretched, shaking herself out before looking about curiously. She bonded a young man and as if spurned on by that first bonding, another three eggs broke open at the same time, a bronze from the egg with the dragon shaped mark, a brown from the lumpy crowned egg, and a blue from the littlest egg. The blue and the bronze were white marked like their dam, while the brown seemed fairly normal. The trio looked at one another across the remaining eggs and then bolted in different directions.
The Blue bonded to Hiveca, leaving Puissar and Terrence on the sands. While the Brown and Bronze Wher bonded,
three more eggs broke open, a green, a copper and a purple entering the chaos. They needed little encouragement to get to their feet and the green headed to the candidates without an issue. The Purple however seemed more curious about the rest of the sands than the people waiting for it, and headed jauntily towards the other clutch, before being warned off by Cassisk and sent skittering back towards the humans.
Warned away from wandering the sands too much, the purple seemed content now to search among the candidates, seeking the mind which was most compatible with their own. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for them to find the right one, the purple stopping before a particularly young man. "Puissar wait for Puissask. Will see all the thing, but together now." 
He, for the voice and mind were definitely male, seemed to have an unusually strong grasp of language for a baby wher as he looked up at his chosen.
"Already thinking about travelling before you're old enough to set off? I like that." Puissar quipped. 

The Adventure Awaits Purple Puissask
Guard Wher
#5F2C7F | #8625C4 | #DACEE2
5’6 at the shoulder | 16’6 long
Curious | Wanderer | Level-headed | Calm
Mutation: Off-colour Markings

Puissar pulled himself up over the ledge. Puissask was already there, guarding him while he climbed the ridge. The view that welcomed him on top of the mountain was breathtaking. Downcast skies with a heavy cloak of clouds that blocked out the sun and the land spreading out as far as he could see. Visiting the Northern Continent had been a far away dream just a year ago but now he was able to grasp that dream. 
"And do it safely." Puissask added.
"I can't be thankful enough for the help and support you provide." Puissar said, only half joking.
Because as much as that remark came of as bragging, Puissask had been invaluable. The young wher was calm and cool but had a sense for adventure that rivalled his own. Usually they travelled at dusk and right before dawn but on days like these Puissask could manage travelling during the day, which was in fact safer for Puissar who wouldn't have been able to climb as well in the dark.
Puissar didn't see this journey ending any time soon unless they ran out of funds. But then they'd just stay at some hold for a while and earn their keep until they could leave again. Some would call it a lonely existence but to Puissar it was freedom in it's purest form. 

Lantessama Isle