You walk into a weyr and are immediately startled by a shout: 
"Close the door!" the young girl with the blue eyes and blonde hair called.
The girl could not be much older than 16 and had braided and twisted her hair into an intricate bun that sat in the back of her neck. She didn't seem that strong, but she wasn't lacking in the energy department. You almost took a step back as she launched herself toward you.... or not you as it so happened, but toward the bunny that was creeping toward the door. 
"I'm sorry, I promised I wouldn't let these out." she offered an apology.
You look down and see three little bunnies hopping around in the room. Now this is highly unlikely.
"Why..." you start.
"The bunnies?" she interrupts you.
You nod.
"They're my pets. I just couldn't leave them at home. But keeping them outside with the other bunnies just wouldn't do. I'm certain the cook would not be able to tell them apart from the others. No mater how superior these little ones are. Just look at their bright eyes, their glossy fur and those gorgeous colours..."
"Quite." You interrupt, "I can tell you love animals."
"I certainly do."

(\(\          ()()          /)/)
 (-.-)        (-.-)        (-.-)
(")(")o       '(")(")'     o(")(")

Just as you make that statement, a whiny meow sounds from the bed and you notice the yawning tabby that peeks out from under the covers.
"That's Kitty." the girl supplies and goes to pet the cat after she puts down the little black bunny that was kept from running outdoors, "and my name is Nina, by the way."

   |\__/,|   (`\
  _.|o o  |_   ) )

"She's great at keeping the mice at bay." Nina says as she pets the now purring cat.
"Doesn't that cause problems with the bunnies?" you ask.
"Oh no, Kitty knows that she can't touch the bunnies. She's very smart. And there are a lot of mice around anyway.
"I'm surprised you don't like mice."
"They eat the feed for my bunnies and they carry diseases. You can't let mice get the upper hand. They can literally bring a hold to ruin. I've heard stories..."
"Frightening I imagine." You interrupt her again before she can launch into a monologue that would take forever to listen to. The girl doesn't seem to take it to mind, maybe she often gets interrupted like this. You wouldn't think it strange.
"And your parents?" you ask.
"They're still at the hold. My father runs the stables and cares for the runner beasts and my mother helps in the kitchens. I grew up among the runnerbeasts." Nina says.
"So that's why you love animals."
"I suppose so. Which is why I couldn't refuse when the searchrider told me I stood a good chance at impressing. And I just can't wait which dragon I impress. I imagine we'll have so much fun."
"As long as he or she doesn't try to eat your bunnies."
"That's a given."
Suddenly you can hear it, the loud humming that reverberates through the Weyr, the dragons announcing that the hatching is imminent. 
"I need to go." Nina calls out, "Make sure the bunnies don't get out!" she calls to you as she hurries out the door, leaving you to close up. 

Alara is a Candidate for the "You Walk Into a Weyr Clutch" at Dragonhope Weyr
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