Erikarl (E'arl)

You walk into a weyr and are greeted by a young man that seems to barely be out of his teens. He has a five o'clock shadow and a wild haircut. His red curls framing his face. A cocky grin is on his face and you get the feeling this guy is used to being in command.
"Who might you be?" he asks haughtily.
"I've come for the interview." you say.
"Ah yes. Ask away. I'm certain you won't be bored."
You are quite certain you will be, but start anyway. After all, the Weyr needs this data.
Your eyes widen a bit. One of the old holds. How did this youth even get here? Shouldn't he be at Ford Weyr? But then you notice the smirk on the youth's face. He feels quite superior. As if you could choose where you are born. Dropping back into calm indifference, you continue.
"Ophelia and Richard."
"Any special skills we should know about?"
"I trained with the guards."
Plausible, you think. His physique does look good. But that's not unusual or even rare. Most boys learn to handle some kind of weapon. You suspect this young man might be acting above his station. But the dragons will be the judge of that. 
"Reading, writing?" you ask.
"Of course." Erikarl retorts, "Should I recite some poetry?"
"You may." you dare the young man and lament as he launches off in a rhyming rant about blue eyes. 

gold firelizard Remida

The owner of those blue eyes appears, the gold firelizard settling on her owner's shoulders and purrs.
"A firelizard?" you ask.
"Yes, my father bought the egg from a merchant."
Finding the egg would have given a better impression, but you decide that the young guy is probably telling the truth about his upbringing. And the firelizard does seem to be in good condition and protective of her owner. All good signs that he would take proper care of a dragon.
"I think we can conclude our interview." you say.
"Really? Because I have a couple of letters of introduction for you to read." the young man says and opens a case. Out spill about half a dozen of letters with official seals and emblems. You'll have to stay for a while longer...
Or you should have because you are saved by the hum of the dragons, announcing the hatching.
"You better hurry along." you say, "You don't want to miss the hatching."

Erikarl is a Candidate for the "You Walk Into a Weyr Clutch" at Dragonhope Weyr
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