Diloruke (D'uke)

Diloruke slaps you on the back and opens the door.
"Come inside." he jovially says and waits for you to enter.
You walk into his weyr and see a well-organised room. Diloruke seems to keep a tidy ship, but then you expected no less from this seafarer turned candidate that you met in the pub. The guy seems to know just how far he can go with drinking, betting and taunting. He never gets into trouble and seems to be well-liked if not loved. 
"You said you had something to show me?" you ask.
"Yes, I got my hands on something spectacular and I wanted you to evaluate it for me since you probably know more about it than I do. I don't really need to know if it's worth much since I just love the look of it, but it might help if I know a bit more of it." he says.
"Some jewellery perhaps?" you ask. You're a goldsmith after all.
"Right on the money." Diloruke says and hands you a pouch. 
You open it and pull out a set of earrings with a matching necklace and ring. The set is made from a silver alloy, and small blue stones are set in geometric patterns. The stones are nothing special, but the whole set together is decently crafted.
"A pretty set. Silver alloy I think, with probably aquamarine stones."
"That's what I was told when I bought it."
"But you wanted a second opinion?"
"I have a lady-friend I want to give them to and she's knowledgeable about stones and gems. Just making sure I don't make a fool of myself. The stones will look very good on her so I just had to buy it."
"Do I know this lady?" you asked, curious.
"No." he answers, too quickly so you're certain you do. She might even be a dragonrider. After all, where else would Diloruke meet women? He'd been a candidate in this Weyr for quite some time now. Diloruke returns the jewellery to the pouch and locks it up in the box on his desk. 
"Thank you." he says, "if you ever need anything..."
"Just make sure you get your dragon and I'll ask you to come do party tricks the next time I hold a party."
"I doubt that'd be allowed as official Weyr business, but I could probably lend you my firelizards to give a little fireworks display."
"Speaking off, where are the little buggers?"
"I never take them to the pub, they get too excited by the rowdy atmosphere." Diloruke grins, "They should be sleeping here somewhere."
As if summoned, the two little heads, one bronze and one brown pop up from the top of the closet. Chirping they get up and fly down to land on Diloruke's shoulders. 

Bronze Firelizard Ruddy and Brown Firelizard Pebble

Now that Dilaruke owes you, you decide to press on a bit with the questions. After all he's pretty talkative today.
"Don't you miss the sea?"
"I can see it every day." Diloruke replies, "Though on nice summer days I would love to set sail. During the winter though, I'm happy I don't have to brave the storms anymore. And once my dragon is old enough to fly, I'll feel the wind in through my hair again and I bet I'll get to where I'm headed quicker than with a ship."
"I can't deny that." you say. 
A sudden humming resounds through the weyr and you know what that means.
"You better hurry." you say and, "Good luck!"

Diloruke is a Candidate for the "You Walk Into a Weyr Clutch" at Dragonhope Weyr
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