Coverunt (Co'unt)

You walk into a weyr and take a moment to  adjust your eyes to the amount of colour that explodes in your field of vision. There are red curtains, a green carpet, orange sheets, a blue tablerunner, yellow wallhangings and purple lampshades. Everything clashes and yet, after some adjusting, the room looks cosy. 
Lost in the brightness of the place is a slight and completely ordinary boy with brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. He looks to be about 14 years old and ready to start his growth spurt, with long arms and legs that don't seem the right proportion for his body. 
"You are...?" he asks.
You introduce yourself and wait for the boy to offer his own name. 
"I'm Coverunt, how may I help you?"
"I'd like to get to know you a little better. It's official Weyr business."
The boy shrugs and offers you a seat. You talk for a while and you learn that Coverunt has grown up in a small hold where he spent his days herding cattle, running around in the forest and playing with the other children, mostly boys. Coverunt seems to have enjoyed these sun-filled happy days and smiles when he thinks back on those memories.
"Do you have someone special?" you ask. 

Suddenly the humming of the dragons alerts the two of you that the eggs are hatching and you need to run.

Coverunt is a Candidate for the "You Walk Into a Weyr Clutch" at Dragonhope Weyr
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