Byenross (B'oss)

You walk into a weyr and see a room full of books. They're everywhere, on every possible surface. left open on the desk. Propped up against the wall. Stuffed in the cupboards. Scattered in the bed and on the floor. Carefully, you take a step into the weyr and take a closer look at the books on the desk.

      ______ ______
    _/      Y      \_
   // ~~ ~~ | ~~ ~  \\
  // ~ ~ ~~ | ~~~ ~~ \\      Original Unknown
 //________.|.________\\     Diddled by David Issel

They're study books on dragon care, the weyr rules and regulations and the general geography of Pern. Clearly this room belongs to a person who likes to read, study. But also someone who likes to dream about travelling. As you look toward the bed, you notice some pieces of discarded laundry from which you can clearly tell that this room belongs to a boy or man. The pants and shirts are plain and of poor quality. Items you might expect to see in a pauper's room. But then, a pauper wouldn't have all these books. 
Averting your eyes from the mess on the floor, you turn your eyes to the walls. Light-coloured walls that are surprisingly clutter free when you compare them to the floor and horizontal surfaces. But then, the occupant of the room hasn't been here that long. Maybe he hasn't had time to hang pictures - or more likely: texts - on the wall. 
A single point of colour catches your attention. In the sea of blacks, browns  and greys, a bright red curtain hangs next to the window. It was embroidered with care, showing a scene of a knight and dragon and somehow it reminds you of happier days when you were innocent and full of dreams. It must be a precious memento if the candidate had taken it with him. Aside from the books, it seems to be the only personal object in the room. 
A soft breeze enters from the window and scatters the papers on the desk, sending them flying in a flurry. Before you know what you're doing, you catch the piece of paper that flies in front of you. Maybe the room contains more personal touches than you thought. The piece of paper is filled with a tidy and precise hand-writing. You start reading

Prince Gryphender took up his sword and slashed.
The zing of his sword and the sparks as it clashed,
were as colourful and splendid as the stars 

His dragon roared and added to the heat
Together they had not yet tasted defeat,
And today they would be the victors of the wars

Now the scenery on the curtain makes more sense. Maybe this candidate has been a storyteller from a young age and the curtain was created from a story he told or liked. You place the papers back on the desk.
Suddenly you can hear it, the loud humming that reverberates through the Weyr, the dragons announcing that the hatching is imminent. Maybe you'll be able to tell which candidate calls this weyr his new home. 

Byenross is a Candidate for the "You Walk Into a Weyr Clutch" at Dragonhope Weyr
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