You walk into a weyr and are surprised by the sight that greets you. You were quite certain that you were visiting the girls quarters but this room looks surprisingly manly. The walls are brown, the bedding is black and all the furniture is sturdy and plain. You can't see a flourish or an ornament in sight. In stead the walls are lined with weapons: a whip, a sword, a pair of daggers and a shield. 
As you're looking around, unsure of what to do, a pair of firelizards sweeps in and start hovering around you.
"I'm not doing anything bad." you call out, hoping they'll understand you.
"Marie, Per, fall back." a loud and clear voice calls.

Green Firelizard Marie and Blue Firelizard Per

"Thank you." You say and rearrange your clothes, checking to see the firelizard claws haven't left any tears.
"I trained them better than that." the young woman replies haughtily.
"I guess you did." you say.
Now that peace has returned, you check out the young woman in front of you. She looks to be about 20, short-statured and broad-chested with thick arms and legs. You decide never to pick a fight with her. 
"So why did you come visit?" she asks.
"I'd like to interview you about your life, expectations and your history."
"There is not much to tell." she shrugs, "I grew up in a mining hold. I can hold my own with a pickaxe and I can take care of myself. One day a searchrider came and they told me I was free to join them. I was just about getting bored at home so this seemed like a good chance to try something new."
"And you like weapons?" you ask, gesturing at the wall.
"Of course. A girl needs to be able to defend herself."
"I don't think most girls here feel the same way." you try.
"They're fools. Being strong means you can take care of yourself and the ones you love."
"Wouldn't you want to be protected by your husband."
"As if. I'll do the protecting. And I like my lovers to be from the fairer sex."
"Okay." You mutter and decide you better change the subject.
"And your father?"
"He died."
This conversation isn't going well. And you offer your sympathies and hope Alara will continue with a safer subject.
"Any more questions?"
Apparently she won't.
'No, I'm good." you stutter.
The loud vibrating humming of the dragons announces that the hatching is near. You let out a relieved sigh and excuse yourself so Alara can get ready and you can get to the sands. 

Alara is a Candidate for the "You Walk Into a Weyr Clutch" at Dragonhope Weyr
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