Jossa & Camroth

Name: Jossa
Age: 24 
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Nexus-connected world
Description: A bulky young woman, 5'2 tall, with very long fluffy black hair and narrow black eyes. 
Personality: Demanding, Friendly and Wild
Short Bio:
She was Searched recently, by dragonriders with ulterior motives; she agreed to bond a dragon because they have nowhere else to go.


Here she was, standing on the hatching grounds looking at cracking eggs. Jossa had never imagined she'd stand in front of a clutch of dragon's eggs, but she'd really not had any choice. There had been something fishy about the searchriders. About the way they had just pointed at her as if anyone would do. But with her parents dead, her fiancÚ leaving her for another and no skills that were needed, Jossa's free-spirited ways had caused her to be frowned upon at her community. 
Jossa guessed she could have settled for some undesired man from the town. Maybe a widower with kids. But she really didn't want to settle for such a life. Something in her blood called to adventure, to wildness and freedom. As long as her parents had been alive, she'd restrained herself a bit. Now that they were gone, she'd been planning on going anyway. She'd have accompanied a band of thieves as well. So maybe shifty searchriders were a better choice. At least they had brought her to a Weyr so they had been legit. 
Around her, other candidates were bonding dragonets. As she'd been told, she had a high likelihood of impressing a green, which was probably why the searchriders hadn't given her much thought. Any girl would do. But she would surprise the lot, because it wasn't a green that had her eyes on her. 
Camroth, a decent-sized bronze dragonet, felt like none of the boys were up to his standard. Yet, he sensed a free spirit nearby, someone who'd follow her own heart and would not compromise. He liked her the instant his mind brushed hers. Without delay, he staked his claim.
"You are mine." he said, "My name is Camroth."
Jossa blinked at the strange experience of another presence in her mind. Though she felt that the dragon had full access, she somehow trusted it to leave her be and in the same matter, she had no desire to manipulate him. 
"Hi Camroth. I'm Jossa."

Name: Camroth
Gender: Male
Colour: Bronze
Size: 38' long
Parents: Gold Jhajerth x Brown Boosteth
Species: Pernese
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Origin: Darkling Dawn Weyr
Personality: Mellow, Hopeful and Intelligent


Years had gone by and Jossa had felt herself lucky to be at a forward-thinking weyr that had her training like any of the other young men who'd impressed a bronze. Though her days weren't all filled with adventure, she had enough opportunities to keep herself happy. Camroth was a wonderful dragon too. A partner who understood her, who supported her and who knew when to nag or intervene. She'd never let him know consciously how much she valued his advise, instead choosing to quip when he acted as her common sense once again.
Although today she wouldn't hazard a joke. She could feel his nerves from all the way across the Weyr. She was waiting with the other riders in the Weyrbowl and he was getting ready to shoot off, trying to win the right to mate with a rising queen. 
"You'll do wonderful!" she told him, sending all the encouragement she could.
"I know." he squeaked back but didn't feel at all certain.
"Remember to do what she won't expect." Jossa added, "And grabbing a tail or obstructing one of the others is okay! Fair play is for losers!"
"I don't think I can do that..." Camroth started, but then the queen launched herself in the air and he needed to lift off or lose whatever chance he'd have at catching her. 

Lantessama Isle