Cynhede & Eibenth

Name: Cynhede
Age: 16
Gender: Female 
Species: Human
Origin: Pern

Description: A skinny girl, 5'10 tall, with freckles, fluffy rust brown hair that brushes the back of her neck and wide brown eyes. 
Personality: Serious, Hating, Obedient
Short Bio: She was Searched a while ago by dragonriders, but failed to bond at first; she agreed to bond a dragon because they love dragons.


Cynhede fiddled with her tunic. She seriously hated how nervous she was but she'd failed once before. She'd been at Darkling Dawn for over a year now. Her life at the hold had not been bad. But in her heart she'd always wanted to become a dragon rider. Being a sixth daughter in a household of merchants, she had little to offer her family but her obedience. But she seriously hated having to conform to what everyone expected from her. There was no way her family would allow her to try to go to a Weyr. That is until she'd been searched. Suddenly that road opened up for her and she'd grasped it with her both hands. She still needed to be obedient and do chores. But the prize at the end was worth it. But would she get the prize or would it all be for naught?
"I like being a prize." a small voice told her.
Cynhede looked down and stared directly into the adoring eyes of a green dragoness. She felt the truth in her words but also an insecurity that she hadn't expected to feel in a mighty dragon.
"You are a treasure, Eibenth." Cynhede assured her bond.


Name: Eibenth
Gender: Female
Colour: Green
Size: 24' long
Parents: Gold Jhajerth x Brown Boosteth
Species: Pernese Dragon
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Origin: Darkling Dawn Weyr
Personality: Downcast, Steadfast, and Honest


Eibenth looked at her reflection in the lake. Melancholy swamped her mind. 
"I know there are many green dragons, but why must I be green?" she asked no-one in particular.
"I like you being green." Cynhede answered though she knew it had been a rhetorical question, "After all that means we can goof off now and then and we don't have to bear as much responsibilities. I'm quite happy with how things stand."
"But I don't get to do everything the other dragons do."
"Like?" Cynhede asked.
"I'm not allowed to clutch."
"You know Darkling Dawn does allow green dragons to rise."
"Yeah, but they don't often clutch."
Cynhede's heart broke for her dragon. A small flare of rebellion surged in her heart.
"Nothing says you have to rise here. I bet we can find another place where you will be welcomed as the mother of a clutch."
There were so many worlds in the Nexus, surely one would work.


Lantessama Isle