Aelsa & Nidith

Name: Aelsa
Age: 20
Gender: Female 
Species: Human
Origin: Pern

Description: A very skinny young woman, 5'11 tall, with dark, almost black skin. She has straight, dark red hair with light brown streaks that is cut unusually close to her scalp. She has canted black eyes. 
Personality: Ironic, Romantic and Downcast
Short Bio: She was Searched recently, by dragon-riding relatives; she agreed to bond a dragon because it sounds exciting.


Aelsa looked around excitedly and tried to take in everything the Weyr had to offer. She'd dreamed about experiencing this after her relatives had told her about. She'd been surprised when they'd told her she could come with them to the Weyr and try. Shouldn't there be some screening process about becoming a candidate? Of couse, there were tales about people standing for years before they impressed, or even worse, never impressing at all. Knowing her luck, she probably wouldn't impress. 
Suddenly the day didn't feel as magical anymore. She tried to tell herself that she didn't need to impress, just being here was wonderful.
"Why are you sad?" 
"I'm not sad," she told her self, "just trying to be realistic. There's no way i'd impress no matter how much I wish for it."
Strange, inner voices shouldn't be so surprised about her own thoughts.
Aelsa woke up from her daydream and made eye-contact with a lovely blue dragon. He seemed to be really intent on finding out why she was thinking her roundabout thoughts. How could she let him know that life could be harsh and cruel and that setting your expectancies low meant you'd be less inclined to feel let down?
"Oh, now I understand." he said, feeling better, "Well, expect me to stick around. I'm Nidith."

Name: Nidith
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Size: 26' long
Parents: Gold Yuneth x Brown-Bronze Halth
Species: Pernese Dragon
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Origin: Darkling Dawn Weyr
Personality: Determined, Nosy and Hard to Pin Down


"Shouldn't you... you know get to know the dragon you're chasing?" Aelsa asked Nidith.
"Why?" Nidith asked, "She'll learn all she needs to know during the flight."
"Yeah but... this is so unromantic." Aelsa complained, "What about love and staying together?"
"I don't know. Maybe if we hit it off really well. But I'll have to win her over first." Nidith argumented.
Inside the blue dragon wondered about the unusual thoughts his bond had about love. She'd told him she loved to read a thing called romance novels and felt just like one of those lead characters, always females, who were witty and funny and found the man of their dreams. He was quite curious about falling in love, but right now he just wanted to win the flight and go from there. 
"Let's just have fun for now. Love can come later." he said for good measure.
"I suppose some stories do start like that." Aelsa shrugged. 
"See!" Nidith grinned, feeling better already.
Now he just had to do his best. 


Lantessama Isle