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"I'm happy we get to room together." Zalhinjar told his cousin Sahanjon. 
Though their grandfathers were brothers, the two boys were far from similar. Where Zalhinjar shared his grandfathers dark skin, brown hair and thick hair, Sahanjon took after his fair skinned mother. They'd grown up together though and were as close as brothers. 
Sahanjon nodded. He was shy around strangers and having a family member in the room was such a relief. But they'd been told all double rooms were spoken for by the older students. So that meant they'd have a roommate.
Zalhinjar opened the door without a knock and strode inside, dropping his things on the lower bunk. Sahanjon entered more timid, hoping their roommate wasn't in some stage of undressing. His cousin tended to act before thinking and he forgot sometimes that non-family members might take offence with that. 
In fact, their new roommate, a short and fit guy called Dallar was there, practicing squats and crunches. Instantly Zalhinjar joined and started to work out. Though he preferred running and was not as toned as Dallar, he wouldn't lose at training.
Sahanjon just stared at the two sport-nuts and wondered what drew people into training until their muscles bulged. Not that he disliked people with muscles, it just wouldn't be something he'd aspire to be. 
"I'm Zalhinjar and that's Sahanjon." Zalhinjar said as he rose up from a squat, "We're cousins."
"I'm Dallar." the pale red-headed young man said.
"You sound funny." Zalhinjar blurted out, making Sahanjon hiss.
But Dallar took it in stride, smiled and said: "I'm an exchange student from Alskyr. That's probably why I sound a bit different. And trust me. This place is very different for me too."
'I imagine." Sahanjon said politely.
"Why did you come here?" Zalhinjar asked.
"Scribe training and a possibility of bonding a dragon though we also have dragons at home, you?"
"I'm training to be a sailor." Zalhinjar said.
"Cartographer." Sahanjon added quietly.
"Cool. You both would love Alskyr. I've hardly ever seen such large landmasses as when I flew in. Alskyr is all long islands and sea trenches. We have sea dragons as well."
"No way." Zalhinjar called out and Sahanjon tried to imagine what these dragons would look like. Would they have wings and claws? Or would they look more like fish with large bodies and fins? 
"I wouldn't mind taking you out with my boat once." Zalhinjar said, deciding plainly that Dallar would be a friend.
"If you ever come to Alskyr I'll return the favour." Dallar grinned, "Who knows, if I get that dragon I might be able to take you guys myself."
Sahanjon interjected: "We don't have dragons at Remyndal though, this is just a hall where people study to become journeymen- and women. To get a dragon you need to be searched by a searchrider who'll take you to a Weyr."
Zalhinjar looked baffled, this was the longest sentence his cousin had ever said to a stranger. He couldn't help but laugh though when Dallar replied:
"How strange, since I'm certain I heard journeywoman Blanca say that she needed to look through the new students for likely candidates for the clutches at Dark Moon Weyrhold."
"Really?" Sahanjon wheezed.
"Really. I already signed up. Care to join me? After all you might get lucky?"

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