Name: Yvette
Age: 16
Gender: Female 

Description: Yvette has a pale complexion since she spends a lot of time indoors. When she ventures out she always takes some form of shade (parasol, shawl) with her to protect her fair skin. It hasn't a blemish and she's very proud of that. Her eyes are blue but she likes to call them "sapphire", her hair is brown but she insists it has copper highlights. Yvette spends hours on her face and make-up. She likes to wear fanciful dresses with lots of frills, preferably in cool pastel colours since they go well with her colouring. 
Personality: Yvette believes the worlds is at her feet. She's never had to worry, never had to want for anything. Though she will insist she worked hard to get her latest dress, in fact she just had to use her perfected begging expression with quivering lip and tears. Yvette doesn't think she's greedy or unfair, she's just does as she's been doing since she was old enough to talk. No-one has ever denied her anything. 
Hobbies: Looking in mirrors, going to balls.
Skills: Acting/facial expressions, undeniable feeling of self-worth.
Family: Yvette was raised the only daughter in a wealthy holder's family. She has older brothers and they were groomed to take over the hold. Consequently Yvette was spoiled rotten. She has never had to lift a finger in her life. Her mother died when she was 8.
Pets: (Aquamarine) Blue Firelizard Gerald (m) from Isla Weyr


Yvette looked into the mirror and concentrated on the area right around her nose and eyes. Maybe she should add some extra powder. Were the shadows she saw there cast by the lighting in the unfamiliar room? Or had the loss of sleep had an effect. Travelling by coach halfway across Pern and then taking a both to Isla had been the most gruelling experience she'd ever experienced. 
As a noble's daughter she was used to things being brought to her. If she needed a new dress, the tailor would come measure her at home (because she might have gotten a bit bustier, you never knew), and bring the sampled dresses to her when they were ready for fitting. When she needed her hair done, a maid would see to her. When she wanted food, the servant boys would run to the kitchen. If she wanted jewellery or trinkets, her father would arrange for them to be bought and brought. So Yvette had never ventured outside of her home, and hadn't even visited all places in the hold her father oversaw. 
But she was 16 now and old enough to accompany her father to official functions as the lady of the hold. Her mother had died 8 years prior, causing her father to grieve. Suddenly she'd become the only woman in the family and both her father and brothers had doted on her even more. So it was only right that she would suffer through this maddening journey with all the poise she possessed. She would never venture outside looking less than perfect. 
Although she was cutting it close. They'd arrived at Isla Weyr last night and had barely made it on time to witness the event of the decade: the sport frenzy hatching. 
"Are you coming?" she heard her father call.
"In a minute." she said back, hardly raising her voice since that wasn't proper.
She heard her father walk away and returned her attention to the mirror. Just a bit more powder and she'd be good. Yvette applied it deftly and then stood up, running her hands down her heavy green gown. The bodice fit amazingly and even gave her chest some lift. The skirt flared and gold-trim embroidery ran around the hem in neat flowery patterns. Yvette knew better than to touch her hair. Her ladies maid had braided and pinned it in place, soft emeralds glowing in the subdued light. 
A soft humming sounded from outside and Yvette knew she needed to hurry. She peeked her head outside the door and noticed someone running down a stairwell. It's size made her belief it was a servant's corridor but she needed to be quick and didn't have time to look for anyone else if she wanted to get to the hatching in time.
Hitching up her skirts, Yvette followed the boy down. The humming seemed to be louder the deeper she went so she felt like she was going in the right direction. Suddenly there was a split in the corridor and she'd lost sight of the boy she'd been following. On one side the corridor went down but there was hardly any light to see where she'd be going. The other side opened up into a larger room. Yvette stepped inside. 
Almost immediately she saw a few people and approached them to ask for directions. The group nervously wanted to hide a basket of eggs, but when they noticed she was a guest they bowed and stopped fidgeting.
"Care for a firelizard egg, miss? Only two marks." the boy told her.
Yvette paused. There was talk of special firelizards at Isla, eggs were altered and interesting colours had emerged. 
"Is this one of the special eggs?" she asked.
"It sure is. We just took it out of the incubator this morning." the same boy replied.
Yvette searched in her pocket and handed over two marks, "I want to pick one though." she added boldly.
For that price she should be able to pick one of the eggs from the basket. The boy hesitated a bit but in the end one of the girls held out the basket and Yvette picked a most pretty speckled egg. If the firelizard inside had the same colour he or she would be dazzling. 
The group of children started to disband but she managed to grab hold of one of them to ask:
"Which way to the hatching sands?"
With a strange look, the boy pointed to a door on the opposite side of the room. Odd, she'd always thought the entrance to a hatching cavern would be grand but this was just like any other door in the hold. Did the dragons fly in from above? That did make sense.
Yvette nodded her head in thanks and boldly strode toward the wooden door. She pulled it open and entered, emerging right in the fray of the hatching. It seemed like all of the dragons had already hatched and were all crawling around the area simultaneously. The benches for the guests were right across from her, but to get to them she'd either have to circle the edge of the cavern or cross right through the center. Yvette didn't believe in taking roundabout routes so she headed straight out across the sands.
After just a few steps, the egg in her hand jerked and when she looked down, a very normal blue head looked up at her. Though the hatchling wasn't the colour she'd hoped and being a blue was far from abnormal, Yvette did feel like the firelizard was the prettiest blue to ever hatch. Why it almost gleamed like a jewel. Like water when the sun hit it. 
"I'll call you Gerald." she told the little blue, tucked it in her dress and continued, hoping not too many people would notice her late approach to the benches. 
Only, someone had. A white dragon stumbled right in front of her feet, looked up and was suddenly inside her head.
"What kept you? I was looking all over for you. I was just about to go parade through the benches to find you when i felt you were coming in from the service entrance. How did you even find it?"
Yvette shook her head, trying to contain the huge amount of chatter the little dragon brought to her mind.
"I rushed to come here, Kodeth." She answered, "Hey, how do I know your name?"
"Because you're mine." the white female simply said, nudging her new bond to get to the feeding tables.
Yvette felt light-headed, picking up the hunger of both her new bonds, but as she'd never wanted for anything, she knew just what to do. She raised her hand and called:

cheerful, assertive white sport dragon Kodeth (f) 
Parents: green clouded gold Servezneth x Whie Kodaith 
Length: 38', Height: 7'7"


Yvette appeared in a stylish leather miniskirt and matching fur-lined jacket to her first flight-training. Her hair was braided and pinned back, fastened so it wouldn't be whipped around by the wind. No that they would actually be taking flight today. Yvette had heard from other dragonriders that that took a couple of sevendays. 
"You look good, stop fidgeting." Kodeth nudged her gently.
"This is not like preparing for a tea party." Yvette admitted. 
Luckily her father had come to her aid during the hatching and he'd even graciously left her with enough money so she could buy whatever she wanted while she wa straining. Then when she and Kodeth were to join a wing, they'd transfer closer to home. At least that was the plan.
"Why wouldn't it work like that?" Kodeth asked.
"Would they actually expect me to fly when thread is falling." Yvette wondered, feeling ready to faint.
"Probably not." Kodeth said, "I don't think I have the stamina of the larger dragons."
At that time the weyrlingmaster entered the area and started his lesson... only to stop abruptly when he looked at Yvette.
"What are you wearing?"
"Appropriate attire." she said matter-of-factly and shrugged 


Yvette strapped herself securely to Kodeth. She still wore her leather skirt but had conceded to a larger split so she could straddle her riding gear. Her father would probably find her attire inappropriate but no-one at the Weyr had made a fuss about the little skin she was showing. 
Nerves fluttered in her belly like a flock of firelizards at the prospect of seeing her father again. He had made the trip to Isla once in the middle of her training and had told her he was proud of her. 
"I wonder if things will be the same."
"I'm here now." Kodeth hinted, "And if people don't like me, I'll show them."
"Silly, of course they'll like you." Yvette grinned.
"We might just need to return to Isla occasionally though." Kodeth noted.
"I don't think I'll be able to rise in any of the other Weyrs. Maybe if they have some sport-sized males I like. Hey, maybe I'll charm a nice blue to a private flight." the young dragon said.
"I don't think we'll tell daddy about your plans just yet." Yvette laughed.

Lantessama Isle
Yvette impressed at Isla Weyr