Wyvina brushed up her long pale blonde hair and bound it together with a little strip of fabric. The strip of blue fabric matched perfectly with her blue dress and she felt quite accomplished. It never hurt to look good when you went out - or when you were staying in for that matter. 
But today Wyvina would go to a gather. Just the promise of the excitement of all the shops, smells and colours made her giddy. She'd been born in a small settlement that could not be called a hold. It was just a couple of farming houses that had grouped together. But the last week she'd been visiting her uncle who lived in a big hold. It had a castle and everything. And there was even a Weyr nearby. Wyvina felt like she'd improved just by being here. Gone were the drab brown dresses that were perfect for being out in the fields, gone all the practical shoes. And here she was, wearing a borrowed dress from her niece and some dainty shoes that were very impractical but looked so good. 
Half an hour later, Wyvina was feeling remorse when her feet were killing her. Every step was torture and she dropped down on a bench to rest. People watching was also a delight after all. People in the hold were so different from the people back home. Nearly all of them were related after all so she knew them through and through.
"Little lady." a voice said.
Looking around, Wyvina noticed a middle-aged woman with a basket of eggs standing beside her.
"Yes?" she asked, wondering what the lady would want.
"Can I interest you in a Drachi egg?" 
"What are Drachi?" she asked.
"Why they are similar to a firelizard. They come from another world. I was lucky to receive a clutch but there's too many for me to take care of."
"And you're handing them out? That's so nice of you." Wyvina shouted.
"Erm... no..." the woman started, but by then a crowd of youngsters had gathered around and were looking at the woman with sparkling eyes. 
"Well I guess you'd be helping me by taking care of them." the woman yielded.
"Thank you." Wyvina smiled and took one of the eggs.
The shell seemed to pulse and felt warm to her touch. Not the way she'd imagined it. Chicken eggs were usually cold when she found them. 
Before she could think more on the subject, the egg started crackling and a small paw suddenly thrust through. Another hind leg followed soon and then the egg broke neatly in two. A white draconic creature with green wings, ears and ridge sat in her hand. It's bearded face looking up expectantly.
"Aren't you cute and hungry." Wyvina grinned and gave up some of the sweets she'd bought just before sitting down, "I'll call you Gust."


Sitting a bit away from the fray, a dragonrider had been observing the girl and the exchange. She was naive, innocent but not without merits. Not even the shrewd salesperson had been able to say no to that smile. She might just have what it took to impress something a bit larger. And having another cute face around the Weyr never hurt.
Getting up, the dragonrider approached the girl to make her an offer. 


It had been some time since there had been so many travellers in Kyanos Weyr, so where previous hatchings had been traditional affairs, this one was almost more of a party. Individuals traded stories, networked, made friends (or enemies). There was good food and good drink (even for those not yet of age), though all care was taken among candidates to absolutely not get inebriated before the event could truly start.
When some of them caught the sounds of humming, and the Kyanos riders confirmed it, no one was caught dallying on the way to the sands, where the slate-gray Ebeldath was curled protectively around her eggs.
Over the past weeks, candidates might have spotted little fluttering things here and there, all colours of the rainbow, dancing about the eggs, leaving sparkles in their wake...
The first shell cracking open gave a glimpse to the attendees of just what that light coating of glitter on the eggs really meant - a surprising rainbow riot of colors streaked across hatchling hides, shimmering in the light. A few comments flittered here and there, about faeries, and yet, no one was really surprised. Locally, it was considered good fortune to be touched by one of the fae. And even if it wasnít, there was hardly anything to be done about it now.
Eggs cracked more and more, now causing noses and claws and wings to show, and on occasion, roll out the newborns. Kyanos had seen changes in the norm of their dragonsí colours over many years, but these little ones had all manner of bright rainbows involved.
And then hatchlings started being hatchlings, popping up here and there, butting heads with each other, scenting out all the people around, and mentally poking a bit, to make their decisions.
The first one to make her choice was a bright little cream, who practically hopped over to stop in front of Wyvina, looking up in a way that almost sent her falling backwards, still getting used to her limbs. 
"Can I be yours, Wyvina? Iím Pronmuth."

Name: Pronmuth 
Gender: Female 
Parents: Slate Ebeldath & Bronze Vonmarth
Coloration: Fae-Touched Cream 
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation (w/ Sparkles), Fire Breath 
Personality: Curious, Friendly


Wyvina helped out around Kyanos Weyr. She'd done so on many previous occasions, while she was a candidate and even after she'd impressed. She was just so grateful to the people of the Empyrean Stair to have given her a chance. And what a chance. Planet Kynn was so different from Pern she didn't even know where to start. Maybe she'd have to start with the waterfall that ran from the skies to the sea below. Or about the fact that she was standing on a floating piece of rock. That was still mind-boggling but seemed to not faze any of the locals. 
"You're one of us now." Pronmuth gently prodded her thoughts away from the planet.
"You think?"
"Are you thinking of leaving?" Pronmuth asked, a bit of worry in her thoughts.
"Not really. I could go back home, but where would I stay then? It's not like I know anyone at one of the Weyrs on Pern."
"I'm glad you like our home." Pronmuth sighed happily.
"You just like to fly through the waterfall."
"It's refreshing." Pronmuth shrugged.
"I'm still not letting you take me." Wyvina held firm. 

Lantessama Isle
Drachi impressed at Xidaver
Wyvina is a Candidate at Kyanos Weyr