Name: Idaho (elided: Id'o)
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Description: Idaho is a heavyset youth with a bad case of pimples and greasy adolescent skin. He is a bit out of proportions at the moment, but he'll grow up to become medium-sized. He has carrot-coloured hair, blue eyes and pale skin. His nose is a bit too wide and his lips a bit too thin. He has no fashion sense but sticks to earthy colours since they're a safe bet and don't show stains. 
Personality: Idaho is in that awkward stage where he's neither a boy nor a man. He wants to be important, to do a task that's a worthy addition to the Weyr, but he's currently stuck at cleaning, sorting and errands. They are important but he doesn't feel like he's making a difference. He secretly dreams of becoming a fearless explorer, a powerful fighter or a valiant dragonrider. So he does his best but often fails because he tries to do things that are just beyond his current skill set. 
Hobbies: Daydreaming
Skills: Daydreaming
Family: Idaho is a real weyrbrat, he's the son of a bluerider and a kitchen drudge. They have other children together but aren't currently together anymore. Idaho lives with the other children of the kitchen workers in a large dormitory with little privacy, but it's warm and he has all the access to food he could want. 
Pets: Blue firelizard Archy from Dawn Watch Weyr


Idaho huffed as he ran through the narrow corridors somewhere in the back of the Weyr. Not many people came here, which was why he'd been here but it had proven a bad idea as he was being chased by a couple of bullies that didn't like him snooping around. They'd probably been doing something they shouldn't have. He wouldn't have tattled, he might have even wanted to join them but apparently he wasn't the kind of person they wanted in their group.
His chest heaving, legs cramping and seriously in need of a cool drink, Idaho turned and came to an obstacle. Behind him, the older boys were gaining on him, their footsteps pounding on the stone floor. Idaho didn't hesitate and bolted for the debris, intending to vault over the obstacle with grace, just like the heroes in so many of the stories he loved. 
Alas, Idaho wasn't up to their standard and he crashed heavily into the obstacle, which turned out to be some abandoned empty chests, sacks of worn down clothing that probably should have been turned to rags and other things left behind. Luckily though, the items weren't all that heavy and he crashed through, causing more than a little sound. If anyone was around, they'd come to his aid. At least Idaho hoped they would. 
"Down here!" one of the bullies shouted and Idaho abandoned hope of someone rescuing him.
Scrambling to his feet, he fumbled around, the corridor too dark to make out what was around him. He felt his way around, grabbing hold of a rounded object on the way. It felt rather nice and hard, so maybe it was a rock he could throw. As he crawled on, the sounds of footsteps grew more faint. Apparently he had been able to throw the bullies of his trail. Pride bloomed in his chest and he suddenly felt a bit better. 
At that exact time, the rock in his hand gave a shiver. Startled, Idaho looked down and saw that he'd been holding an egg. Cracks formed and the firelizard inside chipped away at the shell, carving a way out. He, because it was a bright blue firelizard, thrust his head out and looked at Idaho with a confused look.
"I bet you thought you'd see another firelizard." Idaho grinned, 'But I'm guess you're stuck with me."
Idaho had always wanted a firelizard, but time and time again his mother had vetoed her children getting pets, claiming they needed extra care and were too much of a nuisance in the cramped dormitory of the kitchen drudges. She could be right, but there was no undoing an impression. So Idaho smiled despite the trouble he'd be in and made his way back.
"Where did you get that firelizard?!" one of the dragonriders asked.
Idaho felt flustered, but couldn't tell anything but the truth: "I found it while I was exploring the storage rooms. There's a ton of small passages there that I didn't know where they led to."
"Was anyone else around?"
Idaho felt his cheeks turn even hotter, but he squeaked: "No." 
Tattling would only make things worse on him. He had just found Archy's egg and that was all they'd get out of him.
"How old are you again?"
"15 turns, sir." Idaho said, standing up a little straighter.
"I guess you would be around the right age to try to impress. Come see me later and I'll note down your name on the roster."
Idaho couldn't believe his luck. He nearly floated back to his bunk after he'd thanked the searchrider. Not even his mother's scolding could bring him down. Maybe he would become that dragonrider he'd dreamed of being. 





Lantessama Isle
??? is a Candidate at
the Healing Den