Castian Alrethi

Name: Castian Alrethi
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Kailani (Elf)

Description: Castian has brown, long hair and the delicate features and pale complexion the elves are known for. He is tall and slender with a good posture and a natural grace that is innate to his race. 
Personality: Calm and Gracious, Castian is soft-spoken and usually tactful. He doesn’t talk much about his past or his family, due to some personal issues. He has acquaintances but few actual friends. His travelling ways don't allow for long-term relationships. 
Skills: Storm/Lightning Magical Affinity
Hobby: Afflicted with wanderlust and happy to travel. 

Special note: Kynnese-native characters carry something like a fae glamour on them that - if they find themselves in an environment where their appearance would be considered negative or alien (such as a closed setting or xenophobic culture), they will appear reasonably ‘native’ to their new environment, or their ‘otherworldly’ traits will go unnoticed.


It had been some time since there had been so many travellers in Kyanos Weyr, so where previous hatchings had been traditional affairs, this one was almost more of a party. Individuals traded stories, networked, made friends (or enemies). There was good food and good drink (even for those not yet of age), though all care was taken among candidates to absolutely not get inebriated before the event could truly start.
When some of them caught the sounds of humming, and the Kyanos riders confirmed it, no one was caught dallying on the way to the sands, where the slate-gray Ebeldath was curled protectively around her eggs.
Over the past weeks, candidates might have spotted little fluttering things here and there, all colours of the rainbow, dancing about the eggs, leaving sparkles in their wake...
The first shell cracking open gave a glimpse to the attendees of just what that light coating of glitter on the eggs really meant - a surprising rainbow riot of colors streaked across hatchling hides, shimmering in the light. A few comments flittered here and there, about faeries, and yet, no one was really surprised. Locally, it was considered good fortune to be touched by one of the fae. And even if it wasn’t, there was hardly anything to be done about it now.
Eggs cracked more and more, now causing noses and claws and wings to show, and on occasion, roll out the newborns. Kyanos had seen changes in the norm of their dragons’ colours over many years, but these little ones had all manner of bright rainbows involved.
And then hatchlings started being hatchlings, popping up here and there, butting heads with each other, scenting out all the people around, and mentally poking a bit, to make their decisions.
A green and a blue wove their way between other hatchlings and two-legged folk and any others about. When the pair of them stopped, the green nudged the blue towards a lady by the name of Eliska, and prompted him to introduce himself, albeit shyly, as Gamanth. Pleased at the pairing, the green then turned her attention to a Kailani fellow by the name of Castian. 
"My name is Reyarth, I hope you don’t mind."

Name: Reyarth 
Gender: Female 
Coloration: Fae-Touched Green 
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation (w/ Sparkles), Fire Breath 
Personality: Efficient, Attentive


Castian found his mind wandering away from the duty at hand. Not a good thing when you were checking the safety-harnesses. Giving up with a heavy sigh, he knew he'd been here for too long already. The wind sang and the road called to his blood. There was no denying the need that filled his core. 
"I sense your unrest." Reyarth popped up in his mind.
"Is it that obvious?" he asked her.
"We are connected, I know all of your moods."
"I'm not trying to hide it."
"But you are, you think I'd be sad to leave my home."
"Wouldn't you?"
"You are my home. As long as I'm with you I'll be happy."
"Are you certain? I could stay a little bit longer?"
"And be unhappy. No, I would not ask that of you. Besides we can always return for a short visit. It's not like the trip back will take time. Why we could even travel and return to sleep in our own beds here every night."
"That would kind of defeat the purpose of travelling..."
"I'm just joking." Reyarth chuckled.

Lantessama Isle
Castian impressed at Kyanos Weyr