Name: Berthol
Age: 16
Gender: Male 

Description: Berthol is a tall and skinny young man with hardly an ounce of fat on his bones. No matter how much he eats, he just keeps putting it into height and not muscle. He has blond hair and a pale complexion. He burns easily and usually keeps indoors because of it. He likes wearing blue and grey clothes. 
Personality: Berthol would like to be a macho but sadly his body doesn't agree. He just can't put on muscle but he is a good long distance runner which means he's actually more suited for the role of being bullied instead of the one doing the bullying. He would love to be manly and brave and talk about all things butch and training. But alas going outside causes his allergies to act up so he's stuck inside. His reading and memory skills have gotten a boost from that however and he seems to be headed for a job as cleric (but not in a library). 
Hobbies: practicing cool dialogues by himself
Skills: reading, finding shade
Family: Only child to a middle class family, they live comfortably but aren't considered noble or wealthy. 
Pets: Blue Solo (m) from Meridian Weyr


Berthol looked outside. The day was sunny, the spring sun illuminating the world without driving the temperatures to uncomfortable heights. Sadly, Berthol was inside, helping his father log purchases and sales and doing the books. He'd rather be in his room reading the latest pirate novel, but his father was the one buying those so Berthol couldn't exactly throw a tantrum and refuse to help.
"What's the total for last month?" Berthol's father asked.
Berthol gave the sum and knew it was correct. He'd double checked. A commotion outside drew his attention and he cast his eyes outside once more. A large shadow blotted out the sun and voices crying "dragon!" made it all too obvious what was happening. 
"Go ahead, go see the dragon." his father waved, "I can do this by myself."
Berthol quickly said a thank you and headed out despite the pollen in the air. The green dragon had landed just outside the hold on a field that was luckily void of flowering plants because livestock had been grazing on it. 
"Don't push boys and girls, there are plenty of eggs." the dragonrider called.
"Eggs?" Berthol asked one of the other boys around.
"Firelizard eggs." the boy, who was probably slightly younger than him, "There was an excess at the Weyr and the leftover eggs are being brought to the neighbouring holds. They're probably all blues and greens but it's not like we'd be getting firelizards this far from a beach."
Berthol nodded and started queuing, hoping to reach the dragonrider before the eggs ran out. It must have been his lucky day because only two were left. Berthol grabbed an egg and sneezed at the same time, losing his balance and crashing into the green dragon.
"Be careful boy." the large reptilian told him.
"Of course, sorry." he mumbled back and was distracted by the egg in his hands cracking. 
A blue nose poked out and Berthol couldn't contain his grin as the blue firelizard made eyecontact and the rudimentary bond was made. Hunger wracked his stomach and he quickly fished out half a breadroll out of his pants and offered it to his new firelizard.
But he was in for an even bigger surprise when the dragonrider approache dhim and said: "Hifith here says you understood her, she says you could probably stand for the next clutch and have a good chance of impressing. What do you say?"





Lantessama Isle
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