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Jonah was out in the brisk morning air when he got summoned. The day had hardly dawned and it would definitely snow later in the day if he remembered correctly from his time in the North when he'd been still a child. Excitement threatened to break free but he contained it and entered the sands cool and a little late. Karima had already bonded, but plenty of hatchlings and eggs were still around. 
At that time, a brown hatched and swiftly made his choice. He sat at Jonah's feet and stared pointedly at him. The two regarded each other, rather analytically, for an uncomfortably long time before either spoke.
"Well what?" Jonah tried to keep a straight face, but felt himself smirking.
"I'm picking you, you giant doofus", the brown said, cracking a smile of his own. "Be my rider!"
"And just when I was thinking you'd never ask, Dubheth."

Dubheth swooped down, trying to make his rider yell out. Jonah however did no such thing. it was all mind over matter... or stomach in this case. They had just started flight-practice and though Jonah had thought the most physical demanding labour was over, he'd been mistaken. 
"But you love the sensation of flying, don't you?" Dubheth asked.
"I can't deny that. It's certainly freeing."
Not to mention would be a lucrative asset to have while selling his herbs.

Jonah had only wondered briefly if he should return to Remyndal. In the past couple of years he'd been able to complete his education by correspondence. He'd taken the exam and now there was literally nothing holding him back there. 
"Would you prefer to stay here?" Dubheth asked.
"No, I'd like to see Pern adragonback." Jonah smirked.
"We can fly until you get tired, trade for food and water, sleep beneath a sky or ask for lodgings in a nearby Weyr. One day we'll find a spot we both love and that's where we'll make our home."
"That does sound appealing."
"And though i can take the cold, I've had quite enough of it for now."
To which Dubheth snorted and said: "So there really exists a place that's warmer? You didn't make it up to tease me?"
"I'll show you!"

Brown Dubheth


Lantessama Isle