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Keryan Isle




Forest Wanderer

Ittax looked around. The island was perfect for what she had had in mind. A quiet retreat for both humans and dragons. The small blond woman turned toward the sandy beach that divided the sea from the forest and sighed. So much work to do and that beach looked darn attractive. 
Ittax already had a sunny, cheerful and warm appearance. She had a tanned skin and deep oker eyes that were almost like the eyes of an owl. But her appearance was only one of the things that made her special in Lyria where people usually grew large. It almost seemed like everything around Ittax just grew calmer. 
Ittax had learned about her power a long time ago. She had only been a teen, but now, at her 33th year she felt it was finally time to come out to the world. On this isle she would start a vacation resort where she would work her magic. People would come and heal from whatever burdoned them... and maybe someone would stay to keep her company.
Ittax could already imagine the feel of the island in full season. People would dock at this bay, as she had in her small boat... they would stay in the village that was planned to be built a little further at the edge of a huge meadow. Not much further a hosiptal would arrise for those who still needed medical attention and finally, spread across the isle would be more than a dozen watchpoints... places of untamed beauty.
Though she didn't dare dream of that other possibility yet, she did try to take it into account. At one point, Ittax wanted to host a few of the abandoned and widowed dragons on the Isle, as well as a group of riders of her own to help the people that came to the isle.
"I need a name." she muttered, it was confusing of always referring to it as 'the isle'. But she didn't want to be too hasty deciding the name of the place where she would spend the rest of her days.
Slowly making her way to the meadow, Ittax kept pondering about a name for the isle. In her wandering she didn't really pay attention to anything around her. That's why it took Rasti 3 yells to reach her.
"Stop!" he yelled.
Ittax looked up from her state of daydreaming, her feet only a few steps away of some eggs. A little disturbed and uncertain Ittax tried to find the person who had stopped her. Though the isle wasn't her property, she did know it to be completely empty of human inhabituation. Her eyes finally locked on a tall man with purple hair and a strange hazy gray look in his eyes.
"Who are you?" she asked.
"I'm Rasti. You'll have to be more careful wandering these roads at this time of year."
"Because it is Earth mating season, duh." Rasti answered.
"I thought this Island was empty of living creatures."
"It may be for most of the time, but there is a small colony of mountains that gets here crossing the river stones that seperate this Isle from the rest of the Northern Continent. But as long as you are here, you could help me get this eggs to the Glade."
It didn't take them long, with combined efforts, to get the eggs to Rasti's boat in a next bay that Ittax hadn't yet explored. On their way there she told Rasti all about her plans, hopes and dreams, carefully finding out if there would be a problem with the dragon population. Ittax knew she could forget her dreams if the dragons wouldn't be able to mate anymore.
"I take it they would agree, but they would want someone with you to oversee the process."
Ittax looked questioning at Rasti, thinking he might be that one.
"Lords no!" he cried out, "A mere human wouldn't suffice. I think you'll need to get a dragon... and an earth at that, maybe even a mountain."
"There's no other way?"
"Not in our life times."
"Then I guess I'll have to come with you." Ittax said not willing to give up her dreams that easily. Half the population of Lyria had a dragon, than why shouldn't she get one?
Ryan nodded and made a small detour down the forest. He had his own dragon, a forest that seemed to enjoy carrying two people on his back. Ittax didn't quite get why but the Forest kept sniffing her.
"What is he doing?" Ittax asked when she couldn't control herself anymore.
"Boan is taking your scent so he can suggest you a good clutch. You can ask him what he thinks if you want that."
Ittax shrugged. "What do you think?" she asked looking at the forest.
"I think you smell dry and cold." The forest answered with a rather soft voice for a dragon.
Ittax raised her eyebrows at that seemingly cryptic answer. Ryan laughed, wiped away a tear and enlightened her: "Dry is the common human smell for earth, like spicy is the one for fire, mineralic for water, ozon for air and incense for spirit. But not only did Ban say you were to bond an earth, no he also said you were cool in stressful situations and calm, which means a mountain is definately one of the possibilities for you.
"Great." Ittax said a little sarcastic. 
"You'll learn soon enough. Don't worry!"
Finally they embarked on the large clearing where the Glade was located. A woman suddenly stood behind them, a green salamnder behind her and all around them pet salamanders.
"Welcome." she said, "I'm sorry to sneak up on you, but I don't get out much."
"Ittax, meet Rycli, our librarian." Rasti introduced her, "How's it going?"
"Messy." Rycli said with just a hint of a smile, "the new trainees have no idea how to organise the records."
"Maybe I can give them a shove in the right direction. Ittax needs to be entered on the list though, she's trying for a Mountain."
"Any special reason?" Rycli asked.
"She needs someone to negotiate an isle for her."
Rycli looked up surprised, "That is not the best reason to get a dragon."
"I know, but Boan has sniffed her, he says she's fine."
"If Boan said..."
"You know he's the best out there." Ryan asnwered.
"Ok, You're in." Rycli said to Ittax.
"Now then... how are things with Teheran?" Rasti asked leading Rycli back inside.
Ittax felt rather alone and insignificant being left outside. Of course that complete gang of lizards also had to fit into the structure and hadn't Rycli said something about trainees? Ittax wasn't exactly claustrophobic but she thought she might better stay outside.


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