It was midnight when they were called to the sands. The darkness covered a few skirmishes and elbow-movements that might not have been tolerated during the day. Nodie rushed toward the sands, relieved that he had not seen any goblins since he had left earth, but still not quite believing he would never see one again. Deep down he knew he would have to go back one time...
Pushing that thought back he concentrated on the first problem at hand: getting through this hatching. How he wished for one of those lovely yellow books entitled: 'Surviving a Bipedra Hatching for Dummies'. He had seen a lot in his life, but that wasn't nearly as much as some of the darker characters had.
Taking up a spot in the shadows at the edge, Nodie managed to be overlooked for most of the hatching, that is until Zeziphorith’s last two eggs hatched.
The black-pink-red two-header of the pair, bonded. He swiped a paw at Nodie and yanked him onto the sands. 
"I’ve found some nice blood right here."
“I don’t think that I’m supposed to collect it off other candidates, but it is the thought that counts, Nysrad,” said his rider with a disturbing look in his eyes. Pulling loose, Nodie looked back to the shadows, should he go back there? Nodie was picking himself up off the sands when that was decided for him. He noticed a shadow over him. He looked up and gasped when he saw yet another bipedra. Had it come to finish him off?
"No, I haven’t", chided the bipedra, extending a paw. 
"I’m Itsuka. Nice to meet you."

Nodie took the paw and shook it, a stunned look on his face. He stood back up and only then got a good look at the hatchling he had just bonded. The hatchling was mainly blue, but he sparkled in glitz tones that could only have come from Jingalry. He had nine heads, three with crowns and six without. All in all, he looked a lot more pleasant than the other hatchlings, which Nodie was grateful for.
"What is this about goblins, again?" asked the hatchling as Nodie began to lead him off.
”I’ll tell you after you get fed...”


Name: Nodie Achter’Docht
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance & Behaviour: Nodie has always been small and slender, with feminine hands and big eyes. He has a habit of disappearing in the background which suits him nicely. Nodie doesn’t like to be noticed or remembered, if he could live out his life in solitude, he would. However every now and again he has to go out…
Curse: Visions and Hallucinations
Family: Mother deceased and Father interned in a mental asylum for schizophrenia with paranoid delusions. Though this mental disorder is hereditary in some cases it is not a failsafe system. Nodie was monitored around the age of 20 (the mean onset age for this disorder) and was not diagnosed. Since then however, Nodie clearly noticed something off about him. Fearing both to have the same illness as his father and the future image of a life in an instituion, Nodie keeps as far away from other people as he can.

Nodie impressed at the Bipedra 2004 (Cy Dragonstake)