Slowly, one egg wobbled over, dropping to some lower-laying pillows, it's shell pealing away. The hatchling inside this egg was a female. She was green-tinted with the characteristic rastafari hair and the half-moon tattoo around her eye. With a soft cry, she rolled from the pillows and was immediately helped up by Arianne who had been standing at the edge of the pillows.
"Don't cry, Helian." she told the little hatching, "I'm with you."
"I know, Arianne." the dragon sobbed, "But it is hard."
"Together we'll get through. Wouldn't you like to know what the outside world looks like? How the stars shine at night and how the water sparkles in the sun?"
"It's beautiful!" Helian answered, "What else is there?"
"You'll just have to go out." Arianne smiled, "And see for yourself."
When they left, as the third egg hatched, Arianne could not prevent herself from thinking about the other things that roamed the world in the night. It wasn't all beauty that was out there. Helian picked up her thoughts and said:
"What are goblins?"
"I thought you dragons did not probe the minds of those they bonded."
"Why shouldn't I? Do you want to keep secrets from me."
"I want to protect you..."
"I will not break, I might hurt being alive, but I know that I cannot escape the burden." the words were spoken with such sadness that Arianne could not bear to see the glimmer of tears in the eyes of her bond. She hugged Helian again and hoped that being there was enough support.
"I will help you." the dragon promised, "As much as I can."
Somehow, Arianne knew that she was now being comforted. How had the roles switched without her noticing?



Name: Arianne
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Appearance and Behaviour: Arianne has long blond hair, deep blue eyes and a welcoming mouth that smiles a lot. Though life has not treated her kindly she remains optimistic and tries to get by with the little money she earns. Arianne doesn’t have much hobbies, though she likes to read. Usually she stays at home with her books and moderate lighting to read since going out is too expensive for her.
Curse: Goodness of Heart that has misled her more than once
Family: Mother and Father died a while back, as well did her grandparents. She has no uncles or aunts, no cousins. Arianne is alone on the world and leads a solitary life among all the other solitary citydwellers. She often dreams of a family of her own, but has always chosen the wrong men.

Arianne impressed at Kethoda Isle (Dragon Tears)