Lana had been just in time for the hatching. Not really all that well adjusted, she had to wait eagerly for her future. Once again she had thought that it would have been really handy that she could see her own future. But it didn't work like that, and she had to just live day by day. 
She missed Christian intently, but she knew he was safe and everything would be alright with him and with Hayley as well. 

It was a stormy day outside when Issnidi's clutch began to hatch, so everyone was quite happy to stay inside and prepare stuff for the soon-to-be new knights and their draklings. Lian stood sprawled against Kortrvan's side as he glanced over the assembled aspirants in boredom while waiting for Issnidi to allow them to meet her children.
The escaped prisoner Kemmi was still here, now on his second hatching and pairing attempt, looking a little nervous. There was also a pair of farmbred siblings; The High Prince seemed to have taken an interest in them, though Lian couldn't see what was special about Kelh or Anya.
The other two aspirants were both women, one visiting from another castle on Icarus, the other arriving from another world just in time to try to pair at this clutch. That made a total of five candidates, and unless Issnidi had a surprise in store for them, it looked like everyone had a good chance of going away paired this time, aspirant and drak both.
Issnidi poked her head out the entrance of the Deep Cavern then, nodding to the gathered aspirants. "Come in." She said. The aspirants followed her in, spreading out in a line, while Lian sat down in a corner, ready to jot down the names of the draklings and their newly Paired.
The five draklings, meanwhile, were huddled in the middle of the Cavern, and they all let out high-pitched squeals when a huge crack of thunder shook the air around them.
Agitated by her children's fear, Issnidi went to comfort the draklings, assuring them that the storm was only loud, and couldn't really harm them. Thus reassured, the draklings broke apart, and the aspirants were finally able to get a good look at them.
There was a bright red-gold fire, puffing up his chest and trying to appear brave for his two sisters, a wind and a forest. Another rumble of thunder sounded, however, and he jumped, startled, earning snorts of nervous amusement from the two other draklings. One was a snickering plant drakling with mottled, pale green coloring, while the other was a somewhat more sedate earth-colored male. Goaded on by the continuing peals of thunder from outside, the newborn draklings all moved towards the aspirants in one big group, not breaking apart until they had chosen their bond.
The forest female broke away first, greeting Lana with a delicate shudder. "I jussst hope thiss ssstorm endss sssoon, Lana. My name'ss Arbosdi, by the way."
"I know it will pass soon, Arbosdi." The woman reassured her new drak with a pat on the head.

When Arbosdi grew up Lana wanted to go back to Christian and her newly found sister as soon as possible. While corresponding with both very important persons in her life, they all started thinking out a plan to start their own castle. They had nowhere to go anymore, so what was left was to start a new life on Icarus and give other people a home.

[Lana is an aspirant at Drokh-Tallahn Castle]
[Christian is an aspirant at Accicade Castle]
[Hayley is an aspirant at Wo Yao Fei Castle]

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