Name Lunto
Siblings younger sister Lythia
Personality Lunto is a rather relaxed man of 25 years old. He has a rather temper when he just got out of bed, but is really interested in everything he does. He gives himself 100%, and when it doesn't work, he'll find something else to do.
He is a rather macho, that tries to hide his soft side.
His sister is dear to him, although they fight all day long.

Name Baushun
Place of hatching Acicade Castle
Age Drakling
Personality stubborn, decisive, and unshakable

With that very noticeable pairing in the highlight, the small Earth male from Darwysh' clutch went nearly unnoticed by the aspirants. Well, the drakling only wanted the attention of one person, and he got that easily when Lunto, one of the aspirants that had followed the Acicade crew from Castle DesCas, shook his head in disbelief at the clumsiness of the Elza girl, even if she was cute, and just barely noticed movement from the corner of his eye.
"Pssszt... Lunto." the darkling called, "I'm Baushun..."
"Do you want to pair?" Lunto asked rather dumbstruck by the drakling's weird behaviour.
"That issz ze point."
"Oh, ok."

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