Two other draklings appeared completely uninterested in Pairing, and instead walked over to Lian, the record keeper of Drockh Tallahn Castle, who eyed them warily, memories of Kortrvan's Pairing running through his head. "We've decsssided we're not going to Pair anyone quite yet." The slightly larger plant told him, while the mud watched silently. "I'm Decalan, and he'sss Varalan," The plant continued. "Do you have a list of placesss we can go? Momma sssaid you'd have a list for usss."
Lian's face was blank for a moment, then he looked down at the pens and book in his lap for recording the hatching. No list. He turned to Kortrvan, who gave a drakish shrug. "I think sssomeone forgot to send out for ssssponsorships." The earth said.
"Ugh." Lian sighed in aggravation before addressing the draklings. "Look, I guess you all will just have to stick around here for now. We'll sort this out later."
"Okay." The plant said, quite content to leave it at that, and he and his brother walked off to be fed.

The next day, Decalan and his brother Varalan were sitting next to each other. After a day of training, and more importantly, after feeding, they were enjoying the sunset.
"When do you think our bondsss will come?" Varalan asked
"Dunno..." Decalan answered with a sleepy voice. "They might never come, but we have each other right?" The plant said as he looked at his one minute younger brother.
After a long silence, Varalan said "The others sssheem to be having more fun."
"You cry baby. We don't need humansssh"


On the same time, somewhere not so far away from the castle were two young men walking next to each other.
"I just knew I shouldn't have come with you." one of the men said. He had long, silky brown hair and soft brown eyes.
"You cry baby!" This man, clearly older then the other, looking vagually alike, said. The oldest of them was walking before, stroding with big steps. This older male, with light blond hair that was very short cut, and with brown-green eyes said. "Valin, you are my younger brother and you should always listen to me."
"We both know I'm the more sane one of us two Dyami." Valin said. then covering his mouth.
Dyami stopped and turned around to look at his brother. The look in Dyami's eyes were warning Valin.
Valin thought how it had been when they were younger, well actually nothing had changed since then. He had always followed his brother, his brother got him into trouble, and still he followed him around.
Annoyed by his own behaviour, Valin kept silent the rest of the way, thinking about how they grew up...

Valin and Dyami were both boys from a not so wealthy family and he was the fifth and youngest boy of the family, Dyami, his brother, was the second youngest. And all of them were hard workers. Even though Dyami was only a year older, he still played the boss over Valin. Valin had always been the smartes of the two. He always thought before he did something, but it was mainly because of this man walking in front of him that Valin got into trouble. Dyami was more the person that did what poped into his mind, and had always a sarcastic respons ready when he got scoled.
It only got worse when they grew up. Even now, when they both should have find a woman to marry, Dyami thought how wonderful it would be to just travel around there home world Icarus, and live off faith. Since Valin knew his brother would get into trouble after about 10 paces, he joined the party.
Now both of them were traviling through some forest that he never had known excisted. Valin hoped they would find a town or Castle soon, so they didn't have to spend the night outside.


Decalan was snoring in his sleep, while Varalan was looking at the sun going down. The drak softly moved and found a more comftrable posision to sit in. Varalan knew his brother was right, draks didn't really need humans as there bonds, but when he saw his sisters and brothers with there bond, he couldn't help but feel a little lonely. His brother snorted in his sleep and turned. Varalan looked at him and wondered if he would be stuck with him for ever. He liked his brother, but he wouldn't be a push over as his brother thought he was. He would show his brother what he's capable of. Rising to his feet, he softly walked away from the sun and left the gates of Drockh Tallahn.

About half an hour later, Decalan woke up and instantly felt something was off. He looked for his brother, but couldn't find him. He sniffed through the air and finally found a faint sent of Varalan. A little scared, but never admitting that, followed that  sent and went after his brother.


"You see! You got us lost again!" Valin showted, angry at his brother.
"We're not lost. I'll show you. We behind those trees is a castle or a vilage or something."
"I don't trust it, it's getting dark. Soon we won't be able to see anything at all."
"Oh will you shut up Valin!" Dyami said. "you really are just a whimp."
turning red of anger, Valin opened  his mouth and then closed it again.
"You can't even answer me properly." Dyami snorted.
"I saw something move over there." Valin whispered. Dyami turned to where his brother pointed. Valin grabed his brother arms. "You are not going over there." he said firmly. "It would be good if you listened to me this once."
Dyamo stood next to his brother, with his arms crossed over his chest, being very bothered. Why did he listen to his brother? It would really be a first.
"Come out of the bushes so we can see you." Valin said calmly.
"What? you think it'll just come out for us to see?" Dyami snapped irritated.
"You never know." Valin answered softly. And even though Valin himself hadn't suspected for it to come out of the bushes, it did. And it revieled a beautiful mud drak. Valin instantly felt something strange in his mind.
"Varalan.. What are you doing here? It's dangerous!" Valin said when he walked to the drak and hugged it.
"I wasssh looking for you." Varalan said softly as he nuzzled his bond.
"Wait, I didn't know you had a drak Valin. How come you never said anything?"
"Because I hadn't impressed a drak jet, I just did now." Valin said as he looked over his shoulder to his brother.
"Leave my brother alone!" A green flash jumped towards Valin, but he stepped asside, and the green screaming flash jumped on Dyami. He fell to the ground and tried to hit whatever was above him until he heard his brother speak.
"I won't do anything to your brother. But will you let my brother go."
"Your brother?" The plant drak looked down and grinned. "I like you." He said.
"What a great way to show your affection Decalan. Get off." Dyami said, still on the ground. The drak stepped aside and grinned.
"Shouldn't we go back to Drockh Thallan Castle?" Valaran said softly.
"That would be best." Valin said, and they left. They asumed the others would follow them.



"So?" Decalan asked his brother drak sarcastically. It was one of there fights, this time it was about where they were planning to go to. 
"I want to stay here for a little while longer. Maybe I might enter a flight." Valaran said to his brother. "You aren't the boss of me you know." The mud drak said softly. 
"Is he picking on you again Valaran?" Valaran's bond Valin said tapping his drak on the shoulder. 
"He probably was just saying something and your drak got over emotional." Dyami said as he went to Decalan and stood next to him with his arms crossed over his chest.
Both mud and his rider sighed and turned away from their brothers. 
It was about time for them to go their different ways. But they would soon be together again, and that in Wilgen castle. The most difficult thing was when they would leave. Both Decalan and Dyami wanted to leave right now, but Valaran wanted to stay a bit longer, to enter a flight, and he wasn't about to change his mind.

And so it was decided. Decalan, as Valaran said "our big cry baby" didn't want to leave for Wilgen castle alone, and he went to Wo Yao Fei Castle to enter a flight there, Valaran stayed on Drockh Tallahn to enter a flight there.


Both draks were adopted at Drockh Tallahn Castle


Life mate for Plant Decalan: Forest Kuniri from Castle DesCas
Espra sighed in again when she looked at the big metal doors of the deep cavern. She and her drak, Rain Denduri had spent a wonderful time at Castle DesCas. Or so Espra had thought. She'd thought they had gotten even closer than before. But Deneduri seemed to think different because she hadn't allowed her young rider to enter the deep cavern while her eggs hatched.
"Tomorrow I'm sending you straight to the barber and I'll have him braid your hair until your crazy." Espra sulked, in a childish mood despite her 20 years of age. Four years had passed so soon, but in this moment it might as well have been four years lost.
A small sound notified Espra of a presence beside her. it was Plant Houdini, the father of the clutch, along with his rider Lloyd. Lloyd might have forgotten her, but he had actually been her judge. Well, no-one could forget the pink-haired army-boot cladded knight.
"How long has she been in there?" he asked.
"Well over two hours."
"Won't be long then."
Espra sighed again and turned her head to continue sulking when the screech of metal over floor could be heard. The doors of the deep cavern swung open and out stepped the mother drak followed by not 4, but 6 draklings.
"Deneduri!" Espra yelled, "Why are there 6 here?" Meaning "Why didn't you tell at least ME there were 6" in reality.
"I wasn't sure of those last two." Deneduri remarked irritated, "I had to make an effort to name them."
Espra shut up and guided her drak to the mind pair chamber. There, five aspirants, ONLY five, were waiting for the draklings. It was a rarity that there even was one too many for the eggs. Usually the acquired number was judged and no more. Even so, one of these would most likely not pair. Unless of course one of the audience was chosen.
"These are my children." Deneduri exclaimed, "Be nice or else." then she giggled.
One by one, the draklings trotted from behind their mother, catching the rays of sunlight that passed through the ceiling vents. One by one they were called out and mind paired. And then the last drakling remained. Approaching the center, Deneduri asked: 
"Kuniri, do you wishsz to go with me?"
"No." The forest answered simply, "I am waited for."
"By whom?"
"He doesz not know it yet." she smiled, "We'll have sso muchz fun."