This is a legend on a far away planet.
It's a legend that took place for about 4000 years ago.
It's a story about 2 people falling in love
the forbidden love of Alexander and Marianne.

(**first part of this story was lost)

They looked at each other for a few moments before someone talked. It was Marianne who began to speak.
Hello.. How are you?' She could hit herself. If that was the only thing she could think of...
'I'm fine now. Thank you for asking my Lady.' He made a deep bow. She pulled him up
'Don't do that.. I don't like that.'  He looked at her, He found it strange that someone didn't like to be rich, to have so much power..
'Why not? Why don't you like it? You should be glad..' He said. He turned red. 'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..'
'No I like it if some one is honest about things.' She smiled at him. He felt so happy. If she would only feel the same.
'Isn't there any place where we can talk in privet?' Marianne asked. She wanted to know him better.
Yes, I know a place. Come follow me.' He took her hand but dropped it. 'I'm sorry I touched you...' He looked at the ground.
You must know that I don't see any different between us. Wealth is nothing.' She took his hand 'Lead me to that place.'

The walked a long way without saying anything. They both knew that what they did was wrong, forbidden. But it felt so right.. How could that be, against all nature laws?
'We're here.' He almost whispered.
'Why are we whispering?'
'I don't know.' He spoke louder. But they didn't feel comfortable. It was all so wrong.
'I don't know if this is the right thing to do.. My father will kill you, and I....' She said worried. But he interrupted her by kissing her.
The kiss lasted for a few moments. She opened her eyes and she saw him, She just knew that it was the right thing to do. She had never felt this for some one else before.
Alexander kissed her and he felt so wonderful. He never wanted to stop. He would want to hold her like this.

It was late in the evening when they returned.
'What are you going to tell your father?' Alexander was worried.
'He wouldn't even miss me... Alexander don't worry...' She smiled at him and took his hand. He kissed it.
'STOP RIGHT THERE!' A guard jelled. 'What were you thinking?! Kissing this lady?'
'Are you alright miss?' Than he recognised her. His eyes turned shocked. 'Does he bother you?'
'No not at all.. Please don't do anything!' She looked at the guard.
'It's against the laws my lady...'
Alexander didn't say anything. He only looked at them. He couldn't believe this, he was so happy....
You're going to jail and you will be hanged! I'm going to tell your father.'
'No don't!'
'I'm sorry. I have to.'
He grabbed Alexander and left, leaving Marianne alone. She couldn't leave him, she had to free him and let him run away.

'What were you thinking!' Her father yelled at Marianne. 'Are you crazy? What will people think!'
'Don't disturb me!' He slapped her. She fell on the ground. Tears rolled over her cheek. 'Look at me!'
She looked at him. 
'You're going to your room and tomorrow he will be burned. And you will have to look at it.'
He left. She stood up and went to her room. She would die if she had to see his death.
She had to help him escape. She felt her cheek. Blood was slowly running over it.

It was late in the evening, everybody slept, only Marianne didn't. She walked slowly in her room, she was dressed and was planning to leave. She had to be still, else Fride would notice and she would never let Marianne go.
She sneaked passed the bed of Fride and she was at the door, her hand on the knob, almost out of the room; until a voice said
 'What are you going to do?'
I'm leaving. I won't let him dye!'
Are you sure? How are you going to let hem escape?'
I don't know jet..'
'You'll never make it. Let me help you...'
Marianne turned around.
 'What did you say?'
'I'm going to help you... Now you have to trust me, You wait outside, do you know where you can go?'
Yes.... Tell him that I'm waiting at the place we first kissed.' Marianne was still a little startled that Fride helped her.
'Why are you helping me? This means your death...'
Yes I know, But I love you to much to let him hurt you like this. Go now and never come back.'
Marianne ran to her and hugged her. 
'Thank you. I will never forget you.' She whispered in Fride her ear.

Fride walked down, to the dungeons and there a guard was sleeping. She looked at him, He wasn't going to wake up from the lightest crack. She was lucky. 'Pssst... Alexander? Are you there?'
'Yes...' a soft voice came from the dark.
Come into the light..' Something moved. Then she saw the man. 'I'm going to free you. You have to go to Marianne. She's at the place where you first kissed.' His eyes had some sort of spark in them. 'Why are you doing this?'
I'm old. I had my life. You are both young and have a future together...' She smiled at him. 'Now go on. Go to Marianne...' He sneaked past the guard and left.

Fride was all alone now. It wouldn't be long before the master noticed that they were gone. She just hoped they had enough time to leave. 'What are you doing here?' a voice from behind her asked. It was the guard. 'You helped him escape?'
'Yes I did. So what?'
The guard got mad. He hut her on the floor. But the hit was to hard for the old woman. She screamed once and when she fell on the ground, she had passed away.

Alexander was running away as fast as he could. When he was far away from the hold, he looked back. He heard a scream. It looked like Fride. He looked at the ground, then above and said: 'Thank you Fride, You won't ever be forgotten.. I promise.' He turned away from the hold and ran to Marianne

Marianne was looking around. Where was he? Did something happen? There were so much questions.
She looked up when she heard a scream. Who was it? Was that Fride? She fell on the ground and started to cry. It was all her fault. If she listen to her, non of this would have happened.
She didn't know how long she stayed there on the ground; but suddenly she heard a crack. Some one was running really fast. Alexander she thought. But then she thought that it could be some one else. She hide herself and saw a man coming in the moonlight. She felt relived. It was Alexander. She got out of her hiding place and ran to him. She hugged him.
'I'm sorry...' she whispered.
'No time for that my sweet. We have to run.'
They ran as fast as they could. What did they have to do to get away from the master, her father?

There was something heavy hitting against her legs. She hadn't felt it before..
'We have to stop. I want to see something..'
Quickly....' He looked at her. His eyes were so worried.  She searched in her pocket and found something. It was rapped inside a paper. Marianne opened it.
There were herbs in it and then she saw that there was a writing on the peace of paper. It was from Fride.
She wrote: 
Take these herbs and leave this place, this planet... There you will be safe.
Love Fride
Marianne didn't think. 'Here, take these'
'What is that?'
'No time. Trust me...' She gave some of the herb to him, the rest she took for herself.
It became black before there eyes


When they woke up, Marianne felt that she were lying on warm sand. Marianne looked up and saw eggs. then she felt that the sand was burning... She quickly stood up and looked around. 'Alexander!' She was in panic. He wasn't here.
'Marianne...' His voice was so happy. She turned to him and she almost fell because he hugged her so hard.
'What happened? Where are we?'
'I don't know... Maybe we should ask it...'
'But what if this is still the hold. We can't take that risk..'
He took her hands and leaded her out side. She didn't recognise the place. 
'We aren't in the hold anymore.'
He was so happy. He felt relieved and happy. He kissed her.
Marianne didn't know how to react to all this. But the kiss made her calm.
'Hey you two..' A girl almost ran to them, she was exited.
Marianne made a little jump.
'I'm sorry.. I didn't want to scare you. Welcome to Icarus. I hope you enjoy your stay here and ....'
'Yes, didn't you come with the boat?'
'Which boat?'
'Aren't you here for the hatching?'
'What hatching?'
'That is going on right now. Come on, no time to lose.'


They had to wait for about half an hour. Then a drak came out the caves and protected something from under her wings. The mother wasn't to happy that the father wasn't with her. She looked at the sky and when she noticed him she said: "Ssssee our draklings." He landed beside her.
The first drak ran from under the wings and went to a girl near Marianne.
Marianne looked back at the mother and another drak ran to the candidates. Now it ran towards Alexander and Marianne. "Weskiis." said the drak.
Weskiis stopped before them and sat protectively before the two. He wanted to protect them. Marianne saw the joy in Alexander's eyes. She felt more safe from that moment.

Alexander looked at the drak coming towards him. He wanted to protect them and he could see that he wasn't going to move one step away from him. When everybody was looking to the mother, he walked to Weskiis and gave him a hug. 'Thanks for your protection...' he whispered to the dragon. The dragon looked for just a second to him and then went back looking for any enemies. But you could see that the drak loved to help Alexander.


All other candidates had impressed a drak, except Marianne. Marianne looked around and her eyes rested on Alexander and Weskiis. She smiled and thought that she would be happy with the protection of Weskiis. But she still felt a little envied. She went to Alexander and than she noticed that there was still a drak. It looked just like her mother and that was why she hadn't seen her.
The little drak was almost falling asleep, but when she noticed Marianne, she made a happy sound and said: 
"Valeiski." And walked to Marianne.

Marianne was happy. She now also had a drak. And she was so sweet. She was calm, not like Weskiis. He was still looking for enemies. 'Maybe you should tell him that we are safe here...' Marianne whispered.
'I'll try... I don't think that it will be easy.' He smiled at her and then looked at his drak.
'Weskiis... You don't have to protect us here. We are safe here.'
'Are you sssshure?' the drak looked at Alexander.
'Yes. Come and site with us. Look there is your little sister.'
'I'm not little..' Valeiski said.
Marianne started to laugh.
 'Why are you laughing? It'ssss not funny..'
'No, it's not Valeiski.' Marianne said, trying not to laugh. She looked at Alexander, and couldn't stop laughing.
She was just so happy.

 Our protective fire drak Weskiis & our little water drak Valeiski

Marianne was thinking of Fride when Alexander called her. 'Marianne! Come and see...'
Marianne was worried and ran to Alexander. 'What is it?' She thought maybe something had happened with Valeiski. It was a little clumsy drak, but still Marianne would never want to change her with another.
She saw that Valeiski and Weskiis were lying with each other. It was so cute to see.
'No need to worry my love. I just thought you would like to see this lovely setting.' He smiled at her.
'Don't scream like that. I thought something had happened.'

Valeiski and Weskiis are grown now. They are happy together and like brother and sister. They fight almost all the time, but they can't be without the other half. 



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