“Wake up you dogs!” a low male voice called out, followed by many grumbles of men who were barely awake.
The man that woke the trainees turned on his heels and walked away with big passes. “What the hell is wrong with him? The sun is barely up.” A muffled voice said from under the blankets.
“Come on, Get up..” another voice said. Much friendlier then the first
“My god, how come you’re awake?” the muffled voice said sheepishly 
“I love mornings.”
Muttering, the voice from under the blankets sat up straight, revealing a girl with her hair seriously messed up.
“You look like a sea monster.” All the other trainees (all men) laughed.
“I’ll get you for that, Bert, I’ll make sure they give you the most horrible jobs.
“Oh, come on, I was just playing with you Elys”
Elys looked at her brother. Or rather glared at him. Elys jumped out of her hang mat and jumped on top of her twin brother. Both were giggling as the man who did the waking returned.
“So you two think this training is funny?” He placed his hands on his hips and looked crossed. “Start scrubbing the deck this instant, and no breakfast!”

“Will you stop cursing and get on with it? We’ll never get it finished if you keep beating up your mob.” Bert said as he looked at Elys who was strangling her mob.
“I do what I want, when I want.” She snapped back.
Her brother went on with his chore and hoped Elys would do the same. He knew she wasn’t going to be able to reason with anybody, definitely not him.
While he was working, he thought back how they came here. Both there parents had died, and as young children, they survived from stealing and begging. They both learned how to fight, and were always together even before there mother and father died of an unknown disease. It was because of there fighting skills, that they were picked up by Xaedan himself.
Xaedan, being the leader of the pirates, was a very respected man around the harbour. Both of them were lucky to even get a chance for becoming a trainee.
The only problem was that Elys had a big mouth and pulled him into the mess.. always…
But he would never abandon her, nor would he ever think of not taking the fall with her. They both went through a lot together, and it would stay that way.

The person that woke them and gave this horrible assignment, came to watch how things had progressed.
“What the hell are you looking at?” Elys blurted out the moment she saw him.
“If you say another word, we will drop you off in the nearest harbour, if there isn’t any, we will drop you off in the sea. Women on board always bring trouble.
Bert jumped between his sister and the pirate and said: “You will not lay a finger on my sister.” He said it with a low voice, filled with threat.
Not that the man was alarmed, he knew how to handle trainees, but he always liked the loyal ones.
“Stop it, all of you.” A gentle,  but very strict voice said from behind them. It was Xaedan. The man bowed for him, and gestured that both siblings should do the same. Bert did that, as he didn’t want to get into more trouble, but Elys refused.
“I have been swabbing up this deck from when I woke up. I am not about to go kneel for some man.” She said looking daring at Xaedan
A grin appeared on his tanned face.
“Suit yourself. You will not spend another day on this ship.”
Elys mouth fell open. Bert took a breath to say something, but he was stopped by a movement of Xaedan.
“You will not come back on this ship until you have learned some manners. We will drop you of at Drockh Tallahn Castle. We will come and pick you up later, and then you can finish your training. Until then, go and rest below deck.”
“What about food?” Elys still hadn’t learned her lesson and was still complaining.
“You will have to find your own food. Once you get on main land.” Xaedan said and left for his hut.
Elys almost ran after him, but was stopped by her brother. “I think you did enough for one day.”
“I will get him for this. I will…” Bert looked at her and she stopped talking. He almost never looked this way, but when he did, Elys always listened.
“I’m just saying.. I will pair with a drak and then I’ll come back and show him.”
“Perhaps we can get a place to stay there for a night, and maybe longer. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up for impressing.”
“Oh come on…” Elys said, pushing her brother playfully as both of them went below.

  The next day, both of them were looking at the ship where they had spend about 5 years sail away. Bert with a little bit of sadness, Elys pretty annoyed.
Elys softly muttered “I will get him for this.”
“let’s just go to Drockh Tallahn ok?”

Some time passed when finally, the eggs were ready to hatch. It was on a rainy night, and everything seemed darker then it should have been. Elys muttered about how Xaedan could have done this to his favorite pupil, and Bert was just shivering and hoping it would all be over soon so that he could go back to his warm bed and sleep.

The hatching itself was done in a few flashes and was over quickly. Bert paired a mud drak and both of them went quickly to the feeding grounds where there was heat.
Elys paired with a fire drak and chairing many qualities, they got along great. The drak couldn't wait until it was an adult and show off it's furr and strength.

Adult Fire Minytan


Adult Mud Cusharytan

 Both of them impressed at Drockh Tallahn Castle