Captain of the Pirates

Name Xaedan Moord
Age 35 years
Gender Male
Appearance Well every girl on Icarus swoons for this guy. With his well build muscles, bronze skin, long black hair and expressionless, deep brown eyes he has been the talk of many girls, fantasising that they would be kidnapped by this man.
Unfortunately, like any man, he doesn't get that the girls all are so pushy. He just likes the sea, and a casual plunder now and again. He doesn't have a life mate, but he doesn't care about that. Girls are just bothersome to him, but that's just because he hasn't met the right one, so come on girls: take your chance and sail!
Task at Dawn Castle Xaedan doesn't have a real task on Dawn Castle, he occasionally plunders the place. Although Xander doesn't really want that to happen, his other half Raf gives them more beer and other treasures and waving them off.
Hobbies PLUNDER, errr.. sailing and shouting commands
Social Live single
Pets Like every good pirate, Xaedan has a pet that he paired with on one of his long travels to Chindor Castle. Although it isn't a parrot or a monkey, this rain fairy drak is way better, faster, smarter and well cuter.
She's called Uta

Xaedan has a proud mum and dad that cheer for him in Dawn Castle. His father, the previous captain of the "Marrie Icaria", is very proud of his son. Raf has given them a place to stay in the castle for them to spend their old days. And although Dawn Castle is easy to plunder, Xaedan comes to visit his mother and father many times.
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Fire Reenkios
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight
Homeworld Chindor Castle
Life mate --

Xaedan is standing at Chindor Castle
Uta came from Chindor Castle
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