Head Trainer

Name Wim Memariks
Age 36 years
Gender Male
Appearance His face is scared up from all the training and battles, and he almost never smiles.
He seems rather dangerous and with his "you shouldn't get near him" attitude, he doesn't seem to be the best trainer, but he really is the best.
He is rather small, and has a lot of muscles so that he has a blocked appearance.
Although most aspirants are scared of him, he is really nice and devoted to his work. He just took care of 4 younger brothers and their baby sister.
He is very serious and doesn't really have any humour at all.
he's respected over whole Dawn castle, and he's the only one that can make the Memariks family shut up.
Task at Dawn Castle He's the head trainer of Dawn Castle
Hobbies Wim secretly loves to paint and is very good at it. Raf knows that and has decorated the castle with his paintings. It is a soft side that not many know of.
Social Live single
Pets Wim adopted a wind fairy drak that named itself Breeze. She needs loads of attention, and is rather easily angry, but also quick at forgiving Wim.

Wim is the oldest of 6 children, and losing his parents at the age of 15 didn't make his life easy. He took care of all his siblings and made sure they did well in everything.
And when they all were adults, they still lived in their home and all made sure that everything went well with the others.
When Rowan came to their home, they all liked the idea and left Earth for a new adventure.
Homeworld Earth


The Drak
Name Mud Fregiki
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior very meticulous and always think before they act
Homeworld Wo Yao Fei Castle
Life mate --

Wim is standing at wo yao fei castle
Breeze came from wo yao fei castle
Background came from here