Name Rowan Grypdonk
Age 25 years
Gender Female
Appearance She's a red haired girl that loves to get attention.
Her voice is clear like a bell and she's good at singing. Her red hair is long and wavy, and she knows that it is her trademark.
She has bright green eyes that show loads of character.
Although Rowan will get almost every man to do what she wants, she is well capable to take care of herself and likes to play with men. She enchants them with her singing voice and make her do what ever she wants.
Although she likes those games, she does know when to stop and when it is enough. She will never hurt peoples feelings eather.
Task at Dawn Castle Judging and entertaining
Hobbies Playing games with men mainly. She also loves to sing and be the centre of the attention.
Social Live single and loving it
Pets A forest fairy drak from Savannah castle that liked the singing and the playing with men.
Elzen is also a great singer and both of them make every night spectacular.

Rowan grew up as the oldest daughter of a family of two children. Her mother and father were really loving and caring, and Rowan got this playfulness from her aunt who she liked very much.
She grew up on Icarus and is planning on staying here. She has loads of fun here and doesn't really need to go anywhere else.
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Forest Paienna
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior relatively energetic with a very optimistic view
Homeworld Savannah Castle
Life mate --

Rowan is standing at Savannah Castle
Elzen came from Savannah Castle
Background came from here