Mort Rackham


28 years





Rackham, pronounced Rack-am, is a good looking pirate that loves his hat. He has a big hat and loads of feathers in it. He controls the wheel, sort of speak.


Rackham was still a boy when he did his pirates test, and passed. He always loved to sail.  

Rackham is a rather nice pirate, although an occasional shouting has to be done. Especially in storms, or when they need to plunder



Rackham loves to gamble.

Social Live






Rackham comes from a long line of fishermen. He loved sailing, but his heart was with gambling and plundering more then with fish. His dad didnít really like the idea at first, but when he got a home on Dawn, he turned swiftly.




The Drak


Plant Frisph





A bright green drak

Toughts and behavior

 A drak that enjoys nature and the wild. This drak won't like to be stay in the city, he'll want to go out and explore. 


Acicade Castle

Life mate


Louise craned her neck and stretched her ears to listed to the faintest sound. Night was falling and all inside Acicade Castle lights lit up where humans and draks were enjoying their diner.
"Vyreduis is sleeping." Gert told her, "Skawph is with her. He'll call out at the first sign of hatching."
"Her eggs have been in the deep cavern forever."
"It only seems that way." Gert smiled quietly, "They'll take the time they need."
Sighing impatiently, Louise turned her attention back to her needlepoint, a small design on a baby's pyjama. Maybe she was more referring to herself than to Vyreduis when she thought she'd been waiting for birth for forever.
But then a long deep rumble shook the castle's walls. Progress at last. The needlepoint was thrown on the table and lay there forgotten as most of the castle rushed to the deep cavern, trying to get a front row seat for the joyful event of the mind pairing.

Inside the cavern, the aspirants for the draklings gathered. The five of them loitered around the feeding tables. Rackham was the most flamboyant of the five, his big feathery hat firmly on his head. Behind him Yone and Fresia stood together, talking nervously about was about to happen. The two of them had become good friends with their shared interest of studying. Beside them the young messenger Lahgoz looked as if he'd rather run away from all this than to pair this evening. Lastly Kraaje looked determined to pair this evening and get back to her love as fast as she could.
Swiftly, as if to appease the waiting audience, the heavy metal doors to the deep cavern opened with a slight squeal. Out strode Vyreduis, her bright blue hide glowing in the abundant light. Behind her five draklings entered the room below the watchful eye of their father.
Impatient by the pairing of their sister, a bright green male plant and a bright red-gold fire male moved away from behind their mother. The two boisterous males did not wait for either one to impress. In stead they headed in a straight line to the one they wanted to pair.
Vyreduis announced "Frisph." and then she added "A great admirer of the wild." as the plant drakling attacked Rackham's feathery hat, making the pirate reach for his sword which luckily hadn't been allowed in the sacred room.

Rackham paired at Acicade Castle
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