Name Makail deKeizer
Age 26 years
Gender Male
Appearance Makail is the sort of person that you would call a geek. Behind big glasses, he has beautiful eyes that are coloured green - blue - grey. His hair always a mess, even if he tries to, it still fails. He's rather skinny and looks pail.
He is a serious person, but very loving. He'll try his best for his friends, knows a lot about technology and tries to court Rowan. Although Rowan has her head in the clouds, he keeps trying.
He loves to babble, and doesn't really like silences much.
Task at Dawn Castle Judging together with Rowan
Hobbies Makail loves to invent things in his free time, testing is also one of his likings. He'll also will be near Rowan, to help her when she needs a hand.
Social Live secretly in love with Rowan from childhood
Pets none
Makail grew up in a loving and normal family, even now, his parents will always be there to support him and they even help him when it comes to Rowan, letting her come over for diner or taking her with them when they go on a trip.
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Fire Soigiki
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior hot-tempered but very faithful, and will always defend their Knight
Homeworld Savannah Castle
Life mate --

Makail is standing at Savannah Castle
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