High Knight of Fighting

Name Gunnar DeSmech
Age 29 years
Gender Male
Appearance Gunnar has very short brown hair, and deep blue eyes that always look as if he is angry. He is a well trained person that loves his exercises in the morning.
He's a tallented guy in fighting, but handling persons is a totally different story. He usually doesn't have any tact in his body, and doesn't understand why people dislike him when he speaks his mind. He is a good guy, but because of that, he doesn't have many real friends. 
Task at Dawn Castle Head of fighting, the leader and coach of the fighting armada
Hobbies every morning he goes running around the castle. He likes to swim and do other sports as well. He dislikes calm things like art or reading, but he is a master in fighting
Social Live single
Pets Gunnar adopted a vulpa on Chindor Castle. He plays with it, and Breuntje is a good help in the armada.
Breuntje loves to bite in the heels of the aspirants when they are slowing down.

Gunnar has grown up in an orphanage, his parents died in an attack of Nex Nequii when he was a baby. Both his parents had bonded a drak and were very actife in the castle. He himself has high ames of doing the same, and Dawn Castle is a fine choice to do so.
While growing up, he always learned the smaller kids how to stand up for themself, and there is where he got most of his close friends. The other children of the orphanage are his family
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Desert Phakios
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior good-tempered and honest to a fault, possessing very little tact
Homeworld Chindor Castle
Life mate --

Gunnar is standing at Chindor Castle
Breuntje came from Chindor Castle
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