Assistant Knight of Fighting

Name Fleur de Jardine
Age 19 years
Gender Female
Appearance Fleur is a rather small young woman with light blond hair and brown eyes. She has a tand skin, and her hands know how to handle almost every weapon. 
She looks frail, but it's just a look. She's stonger than most would think she is, stronger then some of the bigger guys.
Although Fleur still is young, she is an excelent assistant that knows what she's doing. 
She loves to teach people her knowledge, and she's respected throughout Dawn  Castle. She is calm and will almost never get angry at one of her knights. Even in battle, she'll never lose her mind, and every move will be thought trough. 
Task at Dawn Castle Fleur helps out Grunnar with the fighting and stratagy
Hobbies Fleur likes to teach, her job is her hobby. She also loves to learn herself. She wants to know every weapon and then learn everything about it, and learn to use it.
Beside teaching and learning, she loves to meditate and think out strategies
Social Live single
Pets She has one vulpa of Savannah castle. Where she has stayed a few years, learning about the ninja way. 
In that time, she adopted Soxs, a female vulpa.

Fleur is a good friend of Gunnar. She wasn't an orphan, but she always played with the other children because she was an only child. She had always wanted a younger brother to play with, what she found was an older brother and many friends. 
Fleur sees Gunnar as her older brother. While her parents are still alive and enjoying there time on Dawn Castle, she visits them many times because she does find family very important, and coming home after a busy day always feels good.
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Water Tijenna
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior soothing and calm, and always tactful
Homeworld Savannah Castle
Life mate --

Fleur is standing at Savannah Castle
Soxs came from Savannah Castle

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