Assistant Trainer

Name Caylea Yuki
Age 25 years
Gender Female
Appearance Caylea is a fun girl to be around, she has apple red cheeks and is always smiling. She knows what she want, and will get it even if it means she'll have to make everything around her stop turning. She does like to teach the little draks and there bonds, and is very good at it too.
Caylea has hazle brown eyes and light brown hair with some red in it. Her wavey hair and freckles complete the picture.
Caylea is indeed a girl that knows how to handle most guys. Although she doesn't get through to grunnar, the has wrapped the others around her finger. She likes to use them to get things done her way.
Unlike most people would think, she is an excelent trainer and loves to teach the newbies, but perhaps that is becaus she can manipulate them from the start.
Task at Dawn Castle Assistant trainer of the draklings and there bonds
Hobbies Caylea loves to get things her way, and for that, she needs to keep everybody around her happy and wrapped around her finger. That's a fulltime job
Social Live single
Pets none
Caylea was the youngest of 5 children, and the only girl. She has always been treated like a little princes and she still loves to be treated that way. 
Homeworld Icarus


The Drak
Name Wind Hyenna
Age Adult


Toughts and behavior very whimsical, with a tendency to play with the minds of those they wish to confuse
Homeworld Savannah Castle
Life mate --

Caylea is standing at Savannah Castle
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