High Knight of Defence

Name Aaryn Memariks
Age 26 years
Gender Female
Appearance Aaryn is a rather well build woman with pale blond hair. She has frecles. Her sleek hair is always tied in a knot.
She mainly has smears of oil on her face and is thought of as the one of the guys.
She loves to make things work, and she's rather handy when it comes to building things. Back home, she was well known for it. Now she's always helping Dawn Castle where needed.
All the men in Dawn Castle know here and see her as a guy. Sometimes she just wants to be a girl, but that really doesn't suit her well. She much rather talk boldly and never have to watch out what she sais.
Other woman don't seem to be really bothered by her behaviour, although it was a little bit different on Earth. People tend to be jealouse of her, but she just ignored those women.
Task at Dawn Castle She was mainly hired to defend the walls around Dawn, but she's usually found in her underground working place making things.
Hobbies She loves to take things apart, mend them or make new things out of pieces surrounding her.
Her hobby is her life. When something isn't going as she planned, she'll be up all night fixing it until it will go her way.
Social Live Single
Pets Her white vulpa named Benzyn. Her vulpa is rather like her master. Her white furry coat is usually full of oil and petrol. But every now and then, Aaryn puts her in a bath, and then she's all pretty again.

She grew up as the youngest and only daughter of a family with 6 children.
Her mother had passed away when she was still a little girl, and her father died soon after.
All her brothers raised her and were always there to protect her. But once she turned 18, she was grown up and really didn't need any protection (but she faked it for her brothers' sakes)
Although she lost bother her parents rather fast, she had a happy life and a close bond to all her brothers that are now living in Dawn Castle.
Home world Earth


The Drak
Name Male Earth Myrundios
Age Drakling
Appearance Myrundios has an earthbrown skin with light white streaks in them. But only so softly that they are almost unnoticeable.
Toughts and behavior Like every earth drak, Myrundios is stubborn, decisive, and unshakable
Home Castle Drockh - Tallahn Castle
Life mate none

The final two draklings glanced at each other apprehensively before going their seperate ways-the plant to Kemmi, and the earth to Aaryn.
Ohdios. I'll stick with you, and everyone else had better watch out." The male plant told Kemmi with a grin.
The earth, meanwhile, was talking with Aaryn. "I don't mind that you're a girl, Aaryn. I hope you don't mind that I'm a boy. My name is
"'Course not, Myrundios." Aaryn replied to her earth drak, as the last of the draklings Paired.
Aaryn walked slowly to the feeding grounds and said "It will be wonderful. Wait until you meet the guys." Aaryn said proudly while she gave him a prod.
"I can't wait."

When Myrundios grew up, it was time to leave Drockh-Tallahn Castle and go to the new castle named Dawn. Aaryn had already worked there before she had impressed her Earth Drak. Soon all the different armada's would be filled with new life, and Aaryn would be the first to return.

Aaryn is standing at Drockh-Tallahn Castle
Benzyn came from Drockh-Tallahn Castle
Background came from here