“Alright Men. This is the day we have been waiting for!” A womans voice called through the camp. A strong build woman looked at the faces of her men. She grinned. She loved how they all jumped up as she spoke, or that they were totally devoted to her.
She was the daughter of Du´l, a man that had fought for his position, and now, from his grave, still being respected.
“Maybe Kraaje you shouldn’t be yelling at your men that way?”
“Oh but they were slacking off Ruth.” Kraaje said. She bound her raven black hair together and jumped off the platform she had been standing on. Ruth, her only friend was nothing like her.
Kraaje usually fought, didn’t really think of much of a plan, and just started attacking those who were against her. She had great luck, but it might stop one day. Ruth on the other hand didn’t like fighting. She was calm, soothing and usually on the back. She was the only one who could get Kraaje to reason. Kraaje was the leader of this group, Ruth was her right hand. Then all the fighters came.
They were a rather secret group, living near the new castle Wilgen. Du´l had always faught with this castle, but Kraaje wasn’t so sure about that. She didn’t really like those castles, and definitely not the being closed up and bound to one feeling she got from those places. But she stayed there, for the sake of her father.
“Ruth? Are you coming?”
“Yeah..” Ruth jumped gracefully from the platform as well and walked softly. Her golden red hair caught the sun, and she smiled her wonderful smile. Kraaje looked for a moment dazzled by her beauty, then grinned and bowed.
“Now don’t do that..” Ruth pushed Kraaje playfully and giggled.
“Kraaje! Wait..” There was a young boy running towards them. He had smears on his face, and seemed to have been running for some miles.
“What is it Arthur?” Kraaje said somewhat irritated for the interruption. Ruth looked worried at the boy who was standing before them.
“Nex-Neccii.. about 6 miles from here. They’re going to attack the castle.”
Kraaje grinned brightly. “Right men! You heard it! Get ready!” She already felt the adrenaline rush through her body with the thought of a fight.
“Ruth.. You stay here.”
“Why?” Ruth crossed her arms over her chest. Kraaje knew what that ment..
“Because I don’t want you in danger.”
“At least let me go warn the castle.” She said looking stubborn.
Kraaje sighed and shrugged. “Fine.. I don’t have time for this. Take Arthur with you.”
“Ok!” Ruth said happily. Kraaje looked angry, but smiled then. She never could stay angry long when she saw that freckled, smiling face.
“Oh and also take the twins.”
“Oh no.. not the twins..”
“Yes…” Now it was Kraaje’s turn to look stubborn and grin.
The twins, named Julles and Loius, were good fighters, if they weren’t fighting each other. Ruth knew why she got both of them.. She shouldn’t have gone against Kraaje’s wish.. but then again, she didn’t feel like staying in this camp. She wanted to see Kraaje fight, see how her lover moved around in a fight.
“What are you smiling about?” Kraaje asked Ruth, making Ruth come back with both feet on the ground.
“Nothing.” She smiled sweetly.

A few moments later, both the large party with Kraaje, and the small one of 4 with Ruth left the camp. Leaving it empty.

Ruth saw Kraaje leave south, they had to go north, up the mountains. Soon they would be back together. Hopefully this time the luck of Kraaje would stand one extra time. She sighed and looked in front of her.. The big back of Louis was there, behind her was Arthur, and then there was Julles. All of them riding horses, to make there walk up the mountains go faster.
She looked behind her and looked in the clear blue boyish eyes of Arthur and smiled softly.
She remembered when she was that young. She had been a child growing up to become a lady. Oh if only her mother could see who she had become, she would probably role over in her grave. If there was one thing she had learned from Kraaje, it was that she loved her life now, and she was never made for the life that was first picked for her. She grinned as her mind drifted even further away. She had seen Kraaje, also a child back then, had stand there with her hands placed on her hips when they had stopped to rest. Ruth at that moment had been wearing a veil and had been sitting far away from all the others, wanting a friend badly. Kraaje had been standing with the sun behind her, making her seem invincible.
She had slid down the hill, and sneaked to her. Her first words to Ruth had been “Why the hell are you wearing a scarf over your head?” And from that moment Ruth had fallen in love with her. She had taken the hand that reached for her, and hadn’t even once felt any regrets.
“Ruth! Watch out!” Too late.. Ruth had been to far from this place to react quickly. She felt that something hit her, then a throbbing pain in her head and then everything went black for her eyes. 

“Alright men!” Kraaje looked at her men, every single one. It was a group of 25, including her, and she grinned. She could see that they all wanted to fight. “You know what to do. Search, kill and make sure it stays death!” Kraaje pointed to the horizon and started to run, with her swords in both hands, her men following her right after.
She started slashing and killing, and soon she was through the field of nex-necii. She spined around and looked behind her. All of them were killed. Kraaje knew her men were good, but she wondered why it was just such a small group. Then.. a sting in her heart made her kneel. It was such a painful experience that it was hard to breath. “Ruth..” She whispered. Feeling that something was wrong, she ran back to there horses, for a moment not caring about her men, jumping on her horse and riding to the north.

Kraaje finally got to the place. A large group of nex-necii had surrounded them. She saw Loius, Julles and even Arthur. But she didn’t see Ruth. Blinded by her rage and fear, she drove her horse through the nex-necii, screaming. She finally got there. Exhausted from the battle and emotions. She fell from her horse.. She felt so tired, she felt so much pain. With her last strength she crawled towards Ruth, who was lying still on the ground, her golden red hair was spread around her pretty face, but a dark red spot near her temple. She fell over the body of her lover, bleeding herself badly, crying.. not wanting to live without Ruth.. Slipping away into darkness.

“Kraaje! You’re awake!” It was Arthur’s young voice that called out as she stirred. Every part of her body hurt, but her heart hurt most of all. “I’m so sorry!” Arthur was crying now.
“Don’t worry..” She petted him on the shoulder. “You couldn’t have known…”
“Hopefully he will listen to you, because his crying and worrying is making my head hurt even more..” A soft voice came from next to her. Kraaje looked surprised.
“Ruth?” She whispered, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “I thought I lost you.” She fell in her lovers arms.
“Nah.. I just got a concussion..” She smiled softly.. tenderly playing with Kraajes raven black hair.
“Will you call Gaeyin? Tell her Kraaje is awake.”
Arthur ran away quickly, leaving both of them alone.
“Are we in the castle?”
“Yeah…” Ruth said carefully, knowing how Kraaje hated it.
“Well.. It saved you, so that makes this place a lot better then I thought first.”
Ruth giggled.. Of course.. That was so typical of her.
Kraaje softly rested her head on Ruth’s chest, and suddenly said “I want to impress a drak.. So that I can fight off all Nex-necii that attack you.”
“I was thinking the same…”
“But you know we can’t impress at the same castle…” Kraaje whispered.
“I know.. And you have to stay here.. For our men..”
“No buts.. I’ll go to Dawn Castle.. And I think young Arthur would like to impress as well..”
“Why not send him to DesCas? I bet he would love it there..”
“Yeah..” Ruth softly cuddled Kraaje.
“But first.. let us get our strength recovered.. I still feel weak.”
Ruth giggled brightly saying “Oh dear.. I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of bed any time soon…”

Gaeyin smiled softly, turning away from the door, preparing for the departure of both Ruth and Arthur, well for the near future anyways. She hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but it just happened, and luckily she now hadn’t interrupted both of them. She pulled Arthur with her, and let him see the draks that he loved so much.

Kraaje is standing at Acicade Castle
Ruth is standing at Dawn Castle
Arthur is standing at DesCas

The first to impress a drak was the young Arthur. Arthur had been very nervous, but when the door finally opened, revealing the mother drak with her babies, Arthur sighed. He loved the sight of a drak, the movement.. everything really. The fire drakling was the first to make a move. He headed for the water fountain and sat down next to Arthur. The mercenary boy didn't know quite how to act.
"Don't worry." the fire whispered, "I'll help you. My name is Delrios."
"Delrios..." Arthur repeated.
"And now we've paired." the fire smiled.

Ruth was second to impress a drak. It was late at night when the mother drak called everybody to the hatching grounds. Ruth wasn't really nervous. She knew that one of the eggs was for her. She waited till every other aspirant had impressed. Then, finally it was her turn. A waterdrak gently strode towards her.
The water drak was the last to stand on the warm sands. It softly whispered: "I saw you from the start. It didn't mater that my brothers and sister were first to go. I knew you would be mine." It softly placed her head on Ruth's hands. Ruth gently stroke the little draks fur.


Ruth and water Qiklenar (f) - Trained by Hael and Night Lu´kios

Kraaje was the last to impress, she was determined to pair that evening and get back to her love as fast as she could. Swiftly, as if to appease the waiting audience, the heavy metal doors to the deep cavern opened with a slight squeal. Out strode Vyreduis, her bright blue hide glowing in the abundant light. Behind her five draklings entered the room below the watchful eye of their father. Three draklings paired and then two hatchlings remained and it was the dirt brown mud drakling who first stepped forward. His eyes never left the woman he'd wanted to be his own. She was strong and yet he could sense the small fragile heart within her. This he thought, he would protect with all the dedication that was in him.
"Loerisph, my eldest." Vyreduis announced.

Kraaje and Mud Loerisph (m) - Trained by Gert and Ore Skawph (Knight Training)