This story takes place on a distant planet where humans came to live after earth died out. People had looked for a new planet ever since the damage to Earth was to great. They found this little blue planet at the outskirts of the milky way and send some brave men to this planet.

It wasnít soon after they had send them to what they later called Delta 4, that the situation on planet Earth worsened and that they send everybody who was brave enough to this unknown planet Delta 4. The people who were left behind put all their hope on something less dangerous. Unfortunately Earth imploded some days later.


When the first group landed on Delta 4 they found a beautiful untouched place. Everywhere they looked it was green, the sky was clear blue and not knowing what happened after their departure, they started their mission. Their mission was simple, explore and secure any situations.

They left their space ship and went into the thick forest. It didnít take them long to find left over of a nest. There were a lot of little impressions in the dirt and egg shells. They took pictures of it and went on. The explorers found other sites of the same hatchings. They were curious but also scared. What had hatched, how big was it, and whatís more.. Was there a mother that didnít like them looking around?

Not knowing it was already too late, they pushed on through the almost jungle like forest. Suddenly though they came to a cliff, which gave a fantastic view. All were breath taken by the beauty of the place. The bottom of the cliff was several feet straight down. It looked as if a meteor had smashed into this place, making a clearing of several miles long. Ideal they thought to make a base. The 3 moons of Delta 4 were already out when they finally got down. Some of them unpacked their tents and put them out like well trained military men. The others went out to look for food. They came back with berries and roots. They all tested them for poison with a little nifty machine. They were enjoying there food when they saw a bright star. That star, the other space ship, landed/crashed not for from where the first group had set camp. All of them quickly ran to the newly arrived men, helping them where they could. Most of them didnít have any injuries. It was late when they got back to the camp. They all got close together, each getting through the harsh move, the implosion of Earth and the landing.


The next morning, they were all divided into different groups. Some were to stay behind, find food, plant seeds from the spaceship that they had taken along, make fences for the farm animals that they had taken from earth, or make houses from what they could find. Other groups were formed for exploring. Delta 4 was a small planet, but larger then earth, and more unknown as well.

Days passed, turning into weeks and even months as they all settled in their new life. Houses were made, schools, churches, trading centres, markets.. Every native animal was observed, plants and trees were controlled and in the end, everybody seemed to get a place in their new life.

It was one of the children who eventually found the hatchlings. A boy of about 12 years hastily had hidden himself so that he didnít have to go to school. When nobody was looking for him, he wondered around aimlessly and soon got lost. He didnít want to admit it, but he was kind of scared really. The first moon of Delta 4 was already up, the sun gently getting closer to the horizon. The little boy was getting tired and sat down on one of the roots of a big tree. He was sulking when he suddenly heard a little cracking noise. Instantly forgetting his scared and sad feelings, he softly crawled to the other side of the tree, towards the sound. He found little a dozen little eggs, all wobbling violently. He was amazed at the sight. As the night grew darker, the eggs started to softly glow. Suddenly, when all 3 moons were on the night sky, the first egg burst open, revealing a strong, vibrant white light. In that light the boy saw a small winged worm-like animal. He was hypnotised by this beautiful light. He got closer and closer, reaching out to touch the light. As he did he felt a little sting in his finger, and suddenly the light was gone. The boy was terrified he had done something wrong. He quickly looked around, spotted nobody, and quickly went towards the village. He didnít find it unusual that he suddenly found the right way instantly. He silently went into his home and made himself ready for bed. He thought that he shouldnít tell anybody about it.

The next morning though, he was glowing softly. His mother was scared, taking her youngest to the doctor at once.

The boy didnít have anything wrong with him, he was in excellent shape, except for the soft glowing. When the doctor wanted to take some blood, a shield appeared in front of the boy. All were amazed. His mother who had just recovered a little from her son being a light bulb now fainted. The boy who got really scared started to cry. His mother, with some good care of one of the doctors, quickly recovered. Not really knowing what to do with the kid, they all took him to the scientists. 

It didnít take them long to get the whole story out of the boy. He even showed them the place where he had encountered the light. They all saw the remains of the eggs. As they were looking at those, they forgot about time and found themselves soon in the dark. The night had fallen over Delta 4, and as soon the sun went under, the lights reappeared. Even the boyís light grew stronger. Not really knowing why the boy opened his hands towards the sky, revealing his little worm-winged friend. It squeaked happily, hovering around the boys head. All scientist were looking at this, taking notes and most of all trying to explain everything that was happening to the frightened mother. The boy asked everybody if they couldnít hear what the ďschildĒ as he called it was saying. All were stunned by this.

The boy started to explain what he heard from Ava, his little schild. These little critters were a very old species. They needed a host to live. Every night they would search for one, and if they didnít find any, they would turn themselves back into their egg-form before daylight came. If they werenít protected when the light came, they would simply vanish in the light of the sun. The schild would protect their host, make them smarter, faster and stronger in return for them to live. Ava explained much more and the boy told everything. As she was explaining, the sun went under and the eggs started to crack. And before everybody knew it, they were surrounded by little lights. Still not completely sure, they weren't thrilled to reach out, but that didn't matter. All the little lights found the humans and all entered their body. The boy grinned and said to his mother: "I can't be in any trouble anymore."

Years passed as the humans settled into their new lifes. As they explored the new world, they found a new name for it. They couldn't just keep calling the planet Delta 4. In stead they would call it Hylmarnisk. Hylmarnisk had a lot of different areas. They started to emigrate to the different area's. All starting their new life.
The Schild had made a place in their everyday life. It seemed that some of the people were good guests for the little critters, others weren't. While exploring, they found a small piece of land that was hidden from most humans. Only the Schilds know how to get there. When somebody impressed a schild, they could come to that secret place, but they didn't have to. This place was called Beltane.