~ This is a link to the old Geleth's Place
~ Here is a link to a world I created where people can portal to all other adoption places: Hylmarnisk
~ Here is the link to my stories for Icarus: Kaze No Razen
~ All the candidates that were sent to Dragon Tears are listed here: Iyru's Garden

Icarus is a world that Cyan led for a long time as caretaker. Here, two winged creatures, the rather furry draks and their natural enemies (the Nex-Nekii) share a world. Humans just landed and started forming a bond with the draks. A very exciting world!

Icarus Main site
The Icarian Geneology
Acicade Castle
Dawn Castle
Chindor Castle
Savannah Castle
Wilgen Castle
Wo Yao Fei Castle

Other VERY interesting sites are found below:
Cy DragonStake
Darkling Dawn Weyr
Keltic Spirit Glade
Lantessama Isle

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