Cyan's Shadow Dragons

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Donriven sighed and looked yet again at the eggs. Still no movement. Slowly growing impatient Donriven once more turned up the heat and the energy radiating from the lamps. It seemed strange that animals as vicious as the black spirits needed light just to hatch. One of nature's more charming paradoxes Donriven philosophised. 
Suddenly a small struggle reflected in Donriven's eyes. One of the eggs had stirred. 
"Finally!" Donriven exclaimed and rushed out.
Only 15 minutes later the candidates had gathered around the cave entrance. Pidazzi welcomed them and motivated them to run faster down the stone steps with her excited cries. Ersatz of course was also in the cave, though hanging from the ceiling, making it look like they were outside on a stormy night.
With perfect timing the first egg snapped when all the candidates and Laedrysses had entered the large cave. The first shadowling to emerge was rather small, a winged male. As the first couple left the sands, the second shadowling hatched. This one, another air male was much bigger. He took his time, considering the candidates like a dragon would, though no dragon would use the piercing look of evil this hatchling gave the candidates.
"Cathar Rythm, I'm Delyk." the hatchling said.
"Pleased to meet you Delyk." the God of Darkness and Despair replied.
"I am very interested in this black magic of yours..." the big said, "together, strength and cunning we will be unstoppable."

Catha Rythm and Big AIR Delyk (m)


Name, Gender Catha Rythm (m)
Species God of Darkness and Despair, one of the last 13 gods of Montsegur.
Enjoys Darkness and Despair (and probably malice, torture, mayhem... and generally all things dark)


How else could the True Chaotic Clutch hatch but in the darkest hours of night? Ersatz, guarding the eggs that had been made hers by way of DNA, stirred in her sleep when she sensed movement. Instinct told her that hatching was near. 
From her own days Ersatz remembered hunger and a blissful warmth. She had known that there was life around her and that it was hers for the taking. She had also sensed her family, her mother mostly, still protective of her eggs though her attention had faded within moments after the hatching.
Ersatz had always craved that sense of belonging. An unusual trait in a True Chaotic to say the least. But when she had found Pidazzi, all her wishes had been fulfilled.
"Pidazzi..." she whispered in the mind of her bond.
"What?" Pidazzi asked immediately awake and up in a swift move of her well-trained body.
"The eggsss are hatching..."
Pidazzi stormed out and alerted the candidates first. They had to be present, Ersatz knew that. More, she encouraged it. Pidazzi wasn't too sure if they were for eating or for actual bonding... Ersatz had only bonded her when she had been full grown. Either way, the night would get her some entertainment.
When she returned, the eggs were still rocking, though feeble. Some of the less evilly inclined candidates started to shift around, hopping from one foot to the other with a look of nervousness on their face. One look from Ersatz got them back in tow though.
"My babies weren't made for eggs." she told everyone.
"Will they be able to hatch?" a strong male candidate with feathers sprouting from his elbows and torso asked. 
"They are strong, my kind." Erstaz said pondering, "We alwayssss find a way."
Pidazzi looked at the girl. Kirsten was her name. She looked so insignificant. Almost like she was just a piece of scenery. Pidazzi guessed she would be eaten. 
About a quarter of an hour passed before the first egg broke. The strongest of Ersatz babies nearly made his egg explode when he had finally found the weak spot. Unlike what most of the people in the cave had expected there wasn't a dragon, or anything that remotely resembled a dragon, on the soft grinded sands of the underground cavern. 
A fuzzy piece of darkness that seemed to swallow what few light was illuminating the cave jumped up, his long agile tail sweeping the air, knocking over a few of his brother's eggs to help them in their struggle out. His small burning red eyes scanned the candidates before he finally made his way toward the one he wanted.
The next egg to hatch was one that had been smashed on the ground by Merpasz. It's shell was dented and bruised, but it hadn't cracked completely. Though the bruise was enough for the large male inside to thrust his head through. The creature that hatched from this egg resembled Merpasz, though not entirely. This baby true chaotic had small horns and seemed to have a more erratic, pointy fur covering the blackness within. 
Inside Pidazzi couldn't resist the temptation to ask Ersatz: "Horns?"
Ersatz didn't answer, a clear indication that she most likely also didn't know what the horns meant. Pidazzi turned back to the hatching and saw that this time one egg was rocking more violent than the others. Within seconds it's black surface was cracked while individual pieces had been flung out of the way of the creature within, impatient as hell itself to conquer the world.
When the hatchling finally fell out, a gasp burst from Donriven's lips. Pidazzi smiled contently. The queen had burst open her shell. The queen that Donriven had assured Laedrys Trix that would never hatch from this clutch. The queen he had thought was impossible. Pidazzi smirked, like true chaos could be bound to biological rules.
With blazing red eyes and small, sharp white horns the female lifted from her egg. She had an elegance none of the other hatchlings shared with her, she in turn seemed longer and thinner, but just as deadly as her brothers. Pidazzi eagerly watched which direction the queen would take. When she saw she too was baffled. The queen had her eyes set firmly on her goal, the earthling Kirsten who had seemed nothing more than a plaything of her lover Serad.
"Kirsssten...." the hatchling whispered.
"I hear you." Kirsten said, "I really hear you."
"You hear Zafyrsza." the hatchling said.
Kirsten moved toward the hatchling and picked up the small bundle of cold delight. Now we are together, she thought, now I can be myself.
"Kirsten?" Serad asked smiling when he saw her go, still perfectly confident that his hold of her was as strong as it had ever been. In fact it was, just his control had never been that strong. She had controlled him.
"I'm going away now." she said, "I hope you lose...because then you'll die."
"I can't die."

"Just keep telling yourself that." Kirsten said before she turned her back to her old life.
The hatching continued, True Chaotics hatching one after the other. Another two eggs broke, the Shadow Cavern slowly getting empty as more true chaotics bonded. The second hatchling, a normal male -if true chaotics can be dubbed normal that is- moved toward Nomed, the devil-worshipping, heart-eating magician. He glanced at Serad for a moment, but then cringed back as if he was beaten. Looking a bit stunned, the hatchling again turned to Nomed and stared at him for a while.
"I like the taste of blood...My name is Arscoz."
"Are you coming with me, Arscoz?" Nomed asked.
"Of course I am. If you're planning on sacrificing some more humans that is."
"Consider it done." Nomed said, he could always get some humans after one of Serad's battles.
Nomed took a few steps back out of the circle of light, but he knew he should wait for Serad to impress. 5 eggs were still on the sands, though they weren't rocking too violent. Suddenly however, three of them clashed together. they had been inching toward each other, intent on breaking their eggs on each other's shell. And now they were victorious.
The three hatchlings that fell out, all males, none of them horned, moved to different corners of the cavern. One went straight for Serad, making circular movements like a predator bird he moved closer. Finally he locked eyes with the leader of wars and found the memories, fountains of blood and suffering, that made it feel it had made the right choice.
"Helitsz." Was all it said, too overpowered by the memories as they, one by one, started to surge over the link of their minds.

Kirsten and Horned True Chaotic Zafyrsza (f)


Name, Gender Kirsten (f)
Species Human
Enjoys Subtle manipulation. Has the patience to wait until revenge is sweetest. 

Nomed and True Chaotic Arscoz (m)


Name, Gender Nomed (m)
Species Human, Magician
Enjoys Devil-worshipping, Heart-eating, Sacrifices. 

Serad and True Chaotic Helitsz (m)


Name, Gender Serad (m)
Species Human?
Enjoys Battle, carnage and control

All Shadowlings adopted at Lantessama Isle