Jack, a pirate of the Isle of Basas, sipped of his pint of grog, freshly squished lemon juice with lots of sugar, even more rum and just a little bit of water. Jack was the captain of ‘The Seahorse’. The ship was given to him from his father.
jack, tall and handsome, had been on a ship from his 5 birthday. Raised by his father Jack became a strong boy. It was early morning when Jack was drinking. He drank this every morning to wake up. The sun was just above the horizon, colouring it pink and orange. The water was silent not a single bird disturbing the silence. He sighed and took another sip.

Arthur, a knight of Yolat, was looking out the window to the sea. There was a soft breeze that touched his face lightly. The sun shined softly on his pale face.  It had been far to long since he had been out. He had broken his leg when he had fallen from a tree. Arthur had been forbidden outside since he was the son of Marniè, the ruler of Yolat.
He was so bored... He hopped away from the window and into the hall. His father was there, he looked up from his maps and smiled at Arthur. ‘What is it son?’
‘Well father.. It’s been 4 weeks now and I know my leg is healed now.’  he looked down. He was scared that he wouldn’t be allowed.
’How can I be sure that you will not help another lady in distress?’ He smiled again.
Arthur had helped a young girl with her kitty. The kitten had been sitting scared in a tree, the girl was crying beneath the kitten..  But he slid away from one of the branches. He had saved the kitten, but he couldn’t stand up.
Arthur didn’t say anything. He knew it was best to be silent for a moment. His father looked at Arthur thinking if he should give his son the right to do something. He knew how it was to grow up and not been able to move..
'There is a ship leaving to Tindrat Isle. If you want to you can go with them. If you promise not to save another girl in distress.' His father smiled at Arthur
Arthur was so happy that he jumped up and almost fell when he came back down. He coughed embarrassed.  His father grinned at Arthur. 'You should better prepare son. The boat leaves at 10.'
Arthur bowed for his father and hopped out of the room, really happy that he could go out.

Jack finished his pint of grog, put the glass down and stood up from his comfortable seat. He stretched his long body, took his hat and went outside. Covering his eyes for just a moment. The sun had moved higher up the sky.
He breathed in deeply filling his lungs with the sweet smell of the sea. He had loved it from the first time he had been on a ship. It had been so long ago.. 
20 years ago. He could never imagine a live without his ship. He looked around wondering where all of his men were. There were 5 men. He trusted one more than the others. This one man, called Vernock, sailed his ship.
Jack wondered what he should do today.. It would be a magnificent day with the perfect wind, but there was nothing to do. He looked over the water and glanced at the north west of where his boat was. Yolat.... The hateful city of irritating knights, fighting for there so called ladies. He had seen those ladies. Nothing but screaming when they saw a mouse. He had met good women, strong women! Nothing like the weak women of Yolat. He had tasted some of the women of Yolat, but non were as good as those of Basas.
'What are we going to do today Captain?' Vernock  asked. 
'We will enjoy ourselves by bothering Yolat and its knights.' As he said it, men on the deck were imitating knights. Every pirate hated those pesky knights.
'To Yolat Vernock!' Jack yelled. As he yelled men were taking there positions, leaving for Yolat, hoping to destroy everything on there path.

Arthur picked his helmet and walked carefully outside. He made a loud noise with his harness. It was the rule to leave with it, although he hated it he loved it too. He couldn’t move in it; but it protected him, plus it was a symbol of his status with its purple plums. He stumbled out of the gates of Yolat and smelled the fresh air of the outside. He had mist that smell so much, the fresh smell of spring flowers, dew, fresh fruit, ... He sighed coming back to this world and walked on to the harbour. He saw the ship, it was called 'The conqueror' and it was one of Yolat's biggest ships. There were  knights joining his trip plus the normal crew of the ship. They left waving at the ladies and then returned to there business on the ship. 

Jack ordered his men what to do and he himself gazed over the water to find a ship they could enter. He moved with his ship, up and down and up again. He loved the moving of the ship, it always made him calm and he could think better on his ship then on land. He would give his life for that ship, but which respectful pirate wouldn't?
He was still looking around when he spotted a ship of Yolat in the distance. 
'There men! Our diner is sailing there!' All of his men stopped working for a second and yelled encouraging yells. 
Jack always wondered why Yolat would name his ship “the queens ship” or “my lady” or even “the conqueror”... those names were so lame! A name had to have power in it, so that when persons talked about you and your ship they would shiver in terror. 
Jack grinned, he had such a reputation nobody dared to say his name nor the name of his ship. He loved it how people ran away from him, never look him in the eye or even speak to him. He did admit it was lonely some time; but hell the fear was better

Arthur was to late to see the danger that was coming towards them. He stood next to the sailor when he noticed a black ship. He pointed at it and asked what it was. Arthur could see the terror in the sailors eyes. 
'That is ‘The Seahorse' Sir..' 
Arthur started to laugh. 'Is that a name to get scared about?' He asked the man. Arthur could see the disapproval of the  man.
'You don't know that ship sir.. nor his Captain.. If you know them you wouldn't laugh. I will be glad if we can stay in front of him and arrive Tindrat before they do..' Arthur stopped laughing and looked at the ship, silenced by the tone of the mans voice. It seemed that they were much faster than them. He would have to prepare the knights for fighting. 

'They have noticed us Captain...' Vernock said. 
'Why shouldn't they see us? Are we scared? We don't need to be in the shadows. We're NO cowards!' Jack yelled, raising his hand to give his words more power. 'Besides... We are much faster then they are!' Jack laughed.

It took some time, but finally they could see how many men were on the ship. The knights were ready to fight, the other men were scared to death. Even here his reputation had spread. 
He grinned waving his hand to the men. Some of them were so scared they jumped of the ship. It would be a less painful death then staying on the ship. To bad.. It was less fun, killing less men.
Jack stopped grinning and looked at the knights. On of them drew his attention. It was the youngest of those pathetic men, but he had a purple sign on his helmet meaning he was worth money, or in other words that he was important to Yolat. 
Now Jack waved at this young man, his men were making some remarks.
The young man was looking nervously to Jack. He was just a young boy, and were his eyes cheating on him or did he see that this boy wasn't standing on one of his legs? He didn't! Oh this would be an easy fight.. 'Remember men... The young boy..' shouting boy so the purple knight would hear him '.. is mine! Nobody touches him.' Then he gave a sign that they could enter.

It wasn't a fair fight, but why should Jack care? They were winning. Jack and his men slaughtered the knights one by one, cutting arms, legs, fingers, heads,… of. Jack felt the warm touch of blood on his face, hands and arms. It was so much fun killing them. Only the purple one was making a fuss. He wanted to fight.. But it was to easy for Jack and he just knocked him of his feet and unconscious. 'Why did he want to die?' Jack was irritated by the young man. 
His men searched through the ship and found some food and gold.
'I will sail this ship to the shore of Yolat, dumping the knights in the water with a message..' He looked to all his men. 
'If you harm my ship when I'm gone, I'll make sure you all will be killed in the most painful way I can imagine..' He knew his men wouldn't harm his ship, but he just loved to scare people.

He saw his ship gliding through the water and he going the other way. It hurt him to leave his ship, but this was always fun! Jack wished he could see the faces of the knights. Desperate eyes, mouths painful.. Jack sighed, coming back to this world. He dumped the bodies with the note that this young man was captured by Jack. They would know who he was. 
He turned the ship and sailed homewards. He glided to the water, looking at the boy. He looked around and then back to the boy, grinning. He had always wanted to know why the hell they used those harnesses. You couldn’t move in these things, and they would receive less hits when they weren’t in this harness.. But hey, it made it so much easier for the rest of the world.
He stripped the boy of his clothes and dressed himself Even the helmet. They were about the same size. He was so busy putting on that harness that he didn't notice they were drawn to Ran Forest. Even the bravest men didn’t dear to enter this forest. Jack was to busy making fun of knights by dancing around waving his hands as good as he could. Then he stopped. He looked at the forest that was now very close. ‘Dammed!’ He ran to the steering wheel and tried to get away from the shore. But it was to late. He looked at the sails. Jack cursed again. There was no wind and the ship didn’t answer his commands.
He kicked the Yolat boy in frustration and cursed so loudly birds flew up from there peaceful place.

It seemed that they were about to crash on the shore but then something changed. It didn’t take more than a millisecond, just one blink from Jack’s eyes and they were somewhere else. Ran forest had disapeired

Wind hit the ship, making it swing sideways. Jack’s reflexes were, thankfully, very good and he menaced to balance the ship. He peered over the sea hoping he would get out of this storm. Jack heard Arthur moan. He was getting back to this world.. ‘Dammed!’ Jack cursed. ‘Why don’t you work with me?’ He yelled to the ship. As if the storm had listened to Jack it stoped and laid down, making an island visible. Jack moved quickly, turning the wheel towards the island. It wouldn’t take long before the young boy would wake up and cause some trouble.
The island came closer and closer, fuzzy at first but slowly small details became clear. A white sandy beach, high mountains, and a forest. Those mountains were formed in tree peeks.
Jack found the isle not as beautiful as Basas, but still had something interesting.
’The Conqueror’ glided over the beach, till it was stuck. Jack jumped of the ship; making a huge hole in the wet sands because of the wait of the harness.
It didn’t bother Jack much though. He sneaked around wondering if this isle had people on it.
 There was a law on Basas that made it ok too clame an island. It could be called Island of Jack.. or Deadly spike Isle.. All wonderful names.
It seemed that there had been other people.. cups and chairs, footprints in the sand, ... all were making it harder and harder for Jack to claim the isle.

Jack was now near the 3 peaks. He looked around, to the lake near the mountains, the roud he had taken, far in the distance was the shape of 'The Conqueror' and in front of him the 3 large mountains. He looked up at them noticing small cravices, and a really large opening in front of him. He grinned following his curiosity and entered the cave.
Two green creatures were lying there protecting something Jack couldn't see. He could bearly jump aside from the tail of one of the greens. Jack walked back outsiden, his eyes never leaving the tail of the irritated green.
Now he was back where he was 5 minutes ago. He looked around and spotted another opening. It was a little higher than the previous one, but probably safer.. He crawled up the mountain, to the opening.

He was near the opening, catching his breath when he spotted a large eye looking at him. The first reaction he had was to back away from it, into the cave. But because of the harness he fell down the staircase, making so much noise everybody saw his entery


Downstairs in the cavern, Jack was all too aware of the eyes upon him. He was trying to decide whether to run or fight in his new 'acquired' armour when galloping hooves suddenly sounded. The crowds parted and racing toward him he saw two small horse-like creatures. Unlike horses however their tail was like a reptile's, ending in a spiked ball. Their heads were protected by helmets with elaborate feathers.
The female medieval, with the purple feathers, stepped forward and said: "I know you aren't a real knight... but I bet you know where to find some for us to play with."
"What?" Jack said, turning around to establish the source of the voice.
"Yoo-hoo! Down here!" the red-feathered male said, "My sister meant you are now stuck with us." the male smiled, his teeth very white and sharp in the faded light, "My name is Goeiendag, and my sister's is Mace. Remember them and we'll be friendly."
The pirate was led out by Maira and her Dresynith to get a very short notice crash course on dragon-management. To her surprise Jack wanted to leave as soon as he heard about his new friend' abilities. Jack of course only wanted to be out before Arthur was found, that knight would ruin everything..


Age 25
Looks strong, well build body, brown of the sun and sailing
Dark brown eyes and wavy black hair
Actions mostly teasing, killing and torturing people


Goeiendag and Mace
Age forever baby
Looks Goeiendag: Red helmet and the male of the two
Mace: Purple helmet and female
Actions well.... killing with their spiky tail would be a very happy action of the two..

Lantessama Isle