The Last Supper

I, Dailnick, own a restaurant. It’s a fine restaurant where people come together and talk, have fun, fall in love, … But this restaurant does so much more.
The colour of my restaurant is mainly red; the colour of fresh blood. I love the way blood flows slowly further and further over the floor. The furniture is dark brown, almost black; as black as the sole without any hope.

I, Dailnick, am the only servant in my restaurant and I’m the only cook. Don’t think that you have to wait long for a delicious meal. The best you’ll ever remember; the best you have ever eaten.

Come in and enjoy your favourite meal!


You feel hungry and look around. You see a restaurant named ‘The Last Supper’. You feel so hungry; you’re legs are shaking of the weakness you feel from the hunger. You enter the restaurant. You feel a warm and fuzzy feeling when you walk through the door, almost a drunk feeling. You smile faintly.
A man, larger that you, with black red hair smiles friendly at you and welcomes you. He taps your shoulder and guides you further into the restaurant. Everything seems slow motion. Slowly you look around. The walls are covered with drawings of Jesus and the last supper. The colour is mainly red. The room itself is lighted with black candles and you faintly hear the sound of people chatting and laughing, forks clashing on plates, glasses clinging against each other. But you can’t see any of all that..
You walk past a mirror and see yourself laughing, sitting on your favourite place. You want to keep looking at the mirror because it feels so good; but the waiter pushes you kindly further.
It seems to take forever ‘till you get to your table; but finally you get there. The large man makes you sit down. ‘Good evening. I’ll be your waiter tonight and my name is Dailnick.’ he says loud and clear. You still feel very tired and warm, almost drunk and not thinking clearly. You smile at him and Dailnick smiles back. You think that he is a nice man, you make a mental note to give him a tip at the end of your meal. You look at the table, it’s filled with your favourite dishes. You don’t find it strange or weird. You just attack your food because you’re to hungry to think.


You don’t see that Dailnick is smiling at you; but not as a normal person would do.. The evilness of his smile was deadly enough to let somebody die.
Dailnick walked away from you, back the way you came. He stops for a moment and looks in the mirror. Blood drips from the mirror’s glass. Dailnick hears screams of despair. His teeth grow for just a second into long pointy teeth. Then he controls himself and turns towards the room where 4 people are eating worms and other insects with a smile of delight.
They think that they are eating there favourite dish; but it’s really more ritual feeding.
The room itself, through the eyes of Dailnick, is dark without any light. Dailnick is the only one who can see in this dark lace. His eyes can’t bare the sunlight. He isn’t a vampire though. He wasn’t bitten by any stupid vampire, nor his parents were vampires. But why did he kill his parents then? For fun? No.. he was to little to enjoy it. No it was a need, a desire, a hunger that wouldn’t stop until he had tasted fear and blood. But not for long..
He made this place together with a magician. When the restaurant was finished, Dailnick killed the man and drunk his blood. T had been so powerful…

Eating the worms, eyes and other tasteless things was just for Dailnick. Like a game.. He played with the people.

Soon it would be time!


Dailnick heard the only clock in the room. It sounded 9 times.. ‘It’s time!’ He reached the doors. The magic would soon be over and then they would see what they truly were eating. The clock sounded for the 12the time.. The first person looked in horror around the room. The nice restaurant from a moment ago had changed into the black room. Than he felt the worms in his mouth, wanting to get out. He spit it out and threw his plate onto the ground. He didn’t see anything anymore. He was scared but nothing happened jet. He felt something near him, breathing in his neck. But as he turned towards it, the thing moved away. Dailnick sneaked around him; making him scared. Then he pushed his hands around his neck. Dailnick felt the beating of his artery. Then he whispered: ‘Welcome to your death..’ and bites him.
He walks up to the other people and kills them one by one. When he had drank all the blood of their bodies, he walked away.


He prepared himself for the moving of his restaurant. He didn’t know where he would turn up now.
When he knew the restaurant had found its place Dailnick walked to the door and opened it. It was night and he saw some lights in the distance. Dailnick walked to the lights and saw a lot of people standing together. He himself wondered what was happening. He walked up to the circle of men and looked at the eggs.


After these hatchings a faded green light wavered on and off as a dragonesk form moved through a wall. The ghost (for what else moves through walls) stopped for a second when people stared at her, she screamed a loud and piercing cry that made everyone with functioning ears hold their hands to their ears.  But not all stood like that. There were ghosts among the candidates. There was  Dailnick, the cursed restaurant owner who held bloody parties every night. But the ghost didn't focus on him long. Longer she waited when she spotted the wraith girl Cordalina. Now that was a spirit she could go with.
The two of them faded and appeared at the exit of the cavern.
Dailnick was still looking a bit disappointed at the exit when he felt something tickling his ear. He looked up and was covered with a 4 metre snake  oozing poison from his back.
"I ssshall have to punishhh you for that infidelitchy, Dailnixck. My name is Terazss."
"You are better than anything that ghost could have done." Dailnick said, envisioning scenes and wonderfully graphic images of dead and fear.


Terazss was well interested in how he had made the restaurant and even more when he was allowed to kill with his favourite rider. 
'When sshall I kill?' He asked one fine evening.
'When you're grown up.'
'I'm asss full grown ass I can be.. Believe Terazss.'
'Oh well... I would love to have fresh blood too you know.. Maybe it is time for us to leave..

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