Cyan's Halloween 2003 Dragons

Stories were lost but here are stats pages!

Cyan entered the Halloween caverns. The already dark walls where made even darker with the wavering light from the pumpkin candles. Cyan laughed when a very fake skeleton suddenly dangled in front of her.
"Lucas? Where are you?" Cyan yelled.
"Up here!" he called back from his rather uncomfortable space hanging from the wall.
"What are you doing up there?"
"Shouldn't you watch the eggs."
"I timed them at 11 pm, 31st October."
"Honey... It's 10.55. They are rocking."

Lucas jumped from the ladder, leaving 12 bats hanging down from the ceiling. His hands fumbling nervously with the 13th 
"Call the Candidates!"
Suddenly a small black shadow followed by three smaller ones slithered into the cave.
"Hatching?" the Venus Fly Trap asked.
"Evilness!" Cyan screamed, "I told you to stay in the greenroom!"
"As if... now that I know there's a hatching..." Evilness said, his teeth flickering in the light of the candles.
"Oh no you're not!" Cyan said, "Zaranyth!!!" 
"Yes rider mine?"
"Keep this little crawler out will you."
"You don't have to be so mean you know..." Evilness started.
"Watch him close... and flame him when he tries to get away."
The look on Zaranyth's face could only be interpreted as a big malicious grin when she scooped up Evilness and carried him away.
Slowly the candidates filed in. They had been searched far and wide and some of them had willingly come. Some had even dropped out of the sky, well that wasn't as unusual anymore Cyan considered. People were talking and mingling -make that crowding afraid in one corner or bragging about evil acts in the other- and no-one seemed to be left out. 
Two more eggs cracked and hatched in slightly less perfect silence. Cyan could swear she heard people shouting 'boo' and 'scared you' in the back of the cave. But when she looked she saw no-one laughing. 
Three dragons walked the sands to the group of candidates. The two smaller ones that had hatched from the same egg were wingless, but not very bothered by that. Two neon lines moved at lightning speed through the cave, one blood red, one black. Suddenly Cyan heard the same voices again.
"Naald! I'm caught!"
"Me too Draad..."
"Draad! My name is Needle!" said the neon red streak that had slowed down enough to recognise a very small black dragoness with red hair and a grey set of needles in stead of arms.
"And I am Pin, Naald!" said the black half of the twin. He had arms and legs, but a rather elaborate set of tailspikes dragging behind him.
Finally the two dragons slowed enough to show that they were in fact chasing a pair of elves that had been hiding in the commotion.
"Sneaky little elves... they're becoming a real plague." Lucas told her, "Those two won't be the last we see of their kind I bet. Halloween is big among them."
Next several eggs hatched at once. The magic of Halloween was already fading 20 minutes past 11. Many of the dragons in the eggs were struggling to get out in time.
A small light suddenly lighted between the candidates. The fire wielding cheetah kin Eqahkali held up his light to distinct more then a mass of wriggling black bodies. Suddenly three more lights appeared in the cavern. Three dragons unfolded their wings and a blast of orange-red light lit the cavern like it was midday. It was the third dragon, searching between the violent candidates,  he too had some warm-blooded character in his mind for bonding. He headed straight to two sisters, one cold and unappealing, the other warm, feisty and passionate. It was her he embraced, the fire of his wings warming her beyond what she had ever felt. Her pale skin even started blushing a bit.
"Oh... Inferno." Brir said dreamily as she looked in the whirling blue eyes.
"Hey! Keep him away." Her sister Ryisiti said, "He's too hot."
"Never fear... Gneiss is here."
a strange dark-ice-blue said. Her wings were black and ripped, riddled with wholes and crevices. She stepped closer and immediately the temperature dropped. 
"That's better!" the red girl said looking rather angry at her sister... maybe she should freeze her in stead of people she didn't know.
The hatching continued in a whirl of fog and fire. Before the Laedryses could discuss the potential hazard risk of some of these cnew pairs, another two dragons stepped forward out of the dark. These two didn't intimidate at all, in fact they belonged in the category Lesser. There was no evil to be seen in their eyes. The female, a soft beige dragoness with blond hair rather seemed sad. The second dragon, a light blue male with opal-frosted wings, sat shivering on the sands. He was the only dragon around, but he had a certain look in his eyes that drove nails through whoever looked into them. He was frightened to death. Finally the two remaining candidates stepped toward him. They had waited longer than they would have on the regular sands, possibly weary for traps and ambushes. But as they approached the sands stayed quiet. 
"Ilyena" the dragon suddenly cried out.
Startled Ilyena stopped, but then ran closer to the dragon. "Don't worry Immer, I'm here."
"Never leave me...."

Lesser Evil Needle (f) and Pin (m)


Name, Gender Naald & Draad
Species Elves
Enjoy Mischief

Ilyena and Lesser Evil Forever Immer (f)


Name, Gender Ilyena (f)
Species Human
Knows Sadness and Loneliness 

Brir and Carnage Fire Inferno (m)


Name, Gender Brir (f)
Species Elemental
Enjoys Fire, Flames and Passion

Ryisiti and Carnage Demonic Ice Gneiss (f)


Name, Gender Ryisiti (f)
Species Elemental
Enjoys Ice, Cold and Logic

All dragons adopted at Lantessama Isle