Winter Crystal

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HATCHINGA cold wind blew from the East when the candidates landed on the fringes of IceLand. Following last year's tradition the candidates had been flown over to the fringes of IceLand, along with the eggs on the growing number of Ryslen Flurry riders at the Isle. Only 6 candidates had signed up, along with 4 caretakers and a formal request for mascots for the Morhakain Unit, a dragon-riding fighting unit of a newly planet that had opened up to dragon adoption.
As the picnic was set up and stoves were lit around the cirlce of eggs the candidates mingled and sipped their gluhwein, eggnog or fruit juice to keep busy and moving. Meanwhile the IceLanders seemed to be unaffected by what they called 'a delightfully warm breeze for the time of year'. They hurried around the circle, tending the eggs and candidates and keeping an eye on the surroundings. 
Minutes later soft snow was falling over their clearing, filling the sky without diminishing vision on the eggs. A good thing because soon those would hatch into creatures he hoped would be graceful, furry and winged - that last bit tended to be left out quite often of late.
The world seemed to hold it's breath, all sound muted in the falling snow when the first egg cracked as thunder in a clear sky. A white dragon with faint blue acents and long blue fuzzy hair and wingsails stepped away from the remains of her shell and gazed at the candidates while snow was slowly melting on her skin and hair. Damp rose from her skin and nostrils, making the air swirl around her.
Eggs hatched in rapid succession, often causing hatchlings to have to wait a while. The second Crystal Blue female sat watching the argument between her brother and sister with big, frightened eyes. She did not like arguing, she did not want anyone to be mad or hurt... or frightened. Who would help her?
Desperately she scanned the candidates and finally saw her, a young woman standing a small distance away from the other candidates, hiding it seemed behind them. Quisilve instinctly recognised the hurt inside the woman and knew...
"Sarah,..." she called, got up and took the first paces to the one she had chosen, but the ice was still slippery at places, certainly where eggs had sheltered the ground from the snow and Quisilve slipped. Falling down, nearly in slowmotion, slowed down by her wings, Quisilve was suddenly held by Sarah Zilvernacht, her bond. She looked up delighted and gazed within the eyes of the young woman, to tell her she cared.

Sarah Zilvernacht and Crystal Blue Quisilve (f)


Name, Gender Sarah Zilvernacht (f)
Species Human
Enjoys Quiet and the crackle of snow.

Dragon was adopted at Lantessama Isle