Timothy is a candidate at Blue Sky Weyr

An energy bubble wondered around in space. It had no feeling, no sense of time. It didn't know how long it had wondered around. It even couldn't think.

The energy bubble was yellow, then orange. Its energy was weakening. It needed to stop somewhere and become powerful again. So it was that just there it found a planet.
It landed and when it went into the atmosphere, it changed into a man. It looked like a falling star, making a crater when it landed.
When it got up, it looked around. It didn't speak, it couldn't speak... But what was that voice in his head telling him what to do? He liked to have somebody to talk to.
The voice told him that his name was timothy. And that he and the voice were the same..
So his name was Timothy. Could he speak just like that voice in his mind?
He didn't know, what he did know was that he never wanted to leave that voice. He had been alone for so long...

He tried to speak. But only a really high sound came out of his mouth. It hurt his ears, and when he looked around, he saw that everything was death, did he do this?
He hoped not. He didn't want to kill anything. He wanted to have things to talk to. He looked at the ground. He felt sad. He couldn't talk.. never would he be able to speak to some-one.

He sat there for a day or something when a man, smaller and rounder than him, came through his landing place.
The man looked at him, what he saw was a tall, yellow-orangey man sitting there naked. He didn't talk, he didn't even notice him. He though of him as odd.
The man, who lived with him, walked up to him and said: 'Can I help you sir?'
Timothy only looked at him, he didn't want to speak..
'Can you speak?'
Timothy looked at the ground. He could understand him.. but how would he tell the man that he would kill him. He shook his head.
The man was even more with compassion gave him some clothes. 'Here put this on, so you wont be cold.'
Timothy was happy and his sad dark orange eyes turned into spring yellow ones. He smiled. He liked to smile, it was the first time he felt happy ever...
'Come, I can't just leave you here... I will take you to Blue Sky Weyr. They will help you there.
Timothy put on the clothes, they were old, to big for him, but he was very thankful.

They walked very slowly, because Timothy was taking his first steps as a human. But after a few moments, he could walk good enough to go a bit faster.
It seemed that there wouldn't come an ending to the walk. Timothy was feeling very tired and his legs weren't cooperating anymore. But then the man stopped and said that the weyr was there and pointed at a mountain. Timothy looked at it. Was that going to be his new home. With people around him day and night?

'Hello?' The man asked. A young girl came to them and looked at them.
'Is he another candidate?' she asked. It seemed that the man knew the girl.
'If there is a space open.. He can't talk and I think he's very lonely...'
'He's in luck.. There is one space open. He can follow me.'
The girl took Timothy to another cave, near the one they came from. It was different though. It was filled with sand and there was a green dragon protecting something. Timothy looked at the dragon. He had never seen a dragon before. He fell in love with the dragons and as he came closer, he saw some eggs.
'Now you have to wait here and maybe you will get a dragon.. Who knows. Good luck.'
The girl left him and when Timothy looked around, he saw that he wasn't alone. There were a lot of other candidates waiting around the eggs and on the side of the cave were people looking at the eggs and candidates. His attention was drawn to one of the eggs and he looked close to it.

Eggs hatched and all looked very happy to there dragons. Timothy wanted to feel happy too. But no dragon seemed to want him. He felt sad and looked down at the ground.
Not far from him an egg started to rock heavely. But it didn't seem to make it. Wasn't it to strong to get out of his shell? Timothy bend down without thinking and helped the egg. 
Timothy looked surprised as the egg he had been helping hatched, the little green letting out cries of hunger. 'Feed me! I am Reth'
He left with Reth. He felt happy. He could jump up and down! And he could talk to her without hurting anyone.
He saw how she landed and how she ate. He himself felt also hungry, but he didn't leave Reth. He just couldn't leave his best friend.


Timothy's dragon was eating alot. And that is why Reth was such a big green dragon. He still couldn't talk to anybody, But he didn't care anymore. Reth and Timothy were unsepratable. They were always together and nobody knew what they were saying. But that didn't matter that much because everybody was buzzy taking care of there dragon.