Tribute to a Sister

My sister,

She's Someone to have fun with
If I'm in a crazy mood that day
Someone to share my deepest secrets
in her heart forever locked away

Someone who knows I love her
No matter which road in life I'll choose
Although I might want her gone,
She's the one person I'll never lose.

Some might only call her family
But I call her Friend
When I'm in deep trouble
She's always willing to help a hand

That's why this bunny swift
was sent from me to you
In it's egg awaits a gift
A tribute to my sweetest sis.

*yes even though you get me angry so many times and never let me win at playing mortal kombat or any other game you still get your dragon *


The brown bunny on a mission sniffed the air. Of course it was an intelligent bunny. It couldn't speak, but it could write and rhyme like the best human around. And why did humans keep insisting they were better? With his nose high in the air it could smell the eggshells. A lot of them were broken. But 4 were still closed. And 1 was even far away from any humans. That would be the one. Tribute, because that was his name, jumped over the Isle and came to the egg. Tribute grabbed the egg and brought it to the table with food. The overpowering smell of grass (sweet juicy spring grass) made Tribute hungry. He left the egg for a while to eat and when he returned he found a small blue dragon sleeping on the ground. The dragon was still clutching the grass it had been eating, his ears limp on the ground. Tribute softly nudged the hatchling. One eye opened and the dragon awoke. "Hi, what's your name?" Tribute asked. "I'm Eith", it said, "And you're my chosen, why did you leave me?" "Erm... the grass..." Tribute said embarassed. "It is good isn't it." The small tail of Eith padded Tribute on the egg and his two small arms grabbed some more of the juicy wonder. Tribute and Eith left when they were fully eaten. "I have a mission to bring you to a sweet girl. She will take good care of you.' 'Who is it?' Eith asked. 'Anneke is her name. I was send by Terry, you're a gift to her.' 'I hope she likes me...' Tribute and Eith hopped to Annekes home and there tribute left Eith. 'I need to go. I have other missions too, but you were the sweetest.' Eith saw Tribute hopping away and he nocked on the door. Eith had recieved a card. He gave it to the girl. and she was so happy that she hugged him and that she gave Eith a lot of candy carrots and green grass.

Eith grew up in a loving and warm home. This sister had made a special place for Eith so that he could hop around in peace. It was large enough. (she knew that he would get really big!) Here he is and you can just see how happy he is :)


Song playing is 'Ice Cream' by Sarah McLachlan and was found here Bunny was a free children's clipart drawing. I had fun :)

Lantessama Isle
Geleth's Place