It is said that Spirits wander around on Haloweensnight.
This is a spirit, called by a wiccan, was given the power to wander around all year round...
It wanted a companion on his lonely path, and shimmered to a lonely isle. Gineya Isle.
There it got a sweet little caterpillar. It is called Zwartje. He showers it with love and plays with the little catterpillar!

Samhain had been worried on one morning. Zwartje had turned into a pop. He thought that he was death. But he soon forgot about that thought because it slightly moved under his thouch.
Now he was alone for some time again.
First he was said, but then he thought of what Zwartje would become. A worm would become a beautifull butterfly.

Zwartje had turned into a beatifull dark butterfly. He had been Samhains best friend and could sense him. Sometimes Samhain dissapeared to another part of the world and then Zwartje had to find him. He loved it. Zwartje thought of it as a game.

Now one time when Samhain had left a world to enter another, leaving Zwartje to find him, he entered a pretty Isle. Warm and he could sence the love there. There were dragons there and he feld something was about to happen.
Samhain made himself unseen for a human eye. The dragons could see him; but they didn't care. Zwartje would soon find him. But for now he could wonder around at this place.
He saw people running in one direction. Some dragons followed there riders. Even a little blue stickyweed followed happily. He watched them all and as everybody was there he followed them. He soon found out that there was a hatching. He had seen many; but never entered one. He had Zwartje to take care of; he didn't need antoher. Although it would have been fun... Scaring people away with a Zwartje AND a dragon. He smiled at the thought of it. He went on the hot sands and then watched as the eggs hatched.

Half of the eggs had hatched now and almost everyone had a dragon to tend to already. Only Nightwish, the remaining of the three girls was left alone. Was that all? No that wasn't all. On the ceiling still hung the small upside down batwinged Scorpion. It wasn't their alone, but human eyes didn't spot him, nor did dragon's care to tell their riders of the Spirit of Halloween hanging in the cave. What Halloween did in it's spare time was his business, not theirs.
A dark shadow covered the cavern as an unseen hand added a 'Great Pumpkin Punch' to the list. The dragons in the egg needn't know more. One egg popped open reveiling an orange-black and a pitch black dragon. People watched in disbelief as the Pumpkin flew up to the ceiling and talked toward the clearly non-sentient pet that hung there:
Hollow. Can I get a candle inside me to scare people?"

Two more eggs hatched, and then another, but since the shadow hadn't lifted these 4 dragons were also darker, though none as dark as the Kerosine. A rich orange rum and a Red Apple flew to the ceiling where Samhain was waiting for them. The spirit of Halloween had his cocktail.
"I am Punch." The Rum female announced as she sniffed the little Star Dancer pet. "Zwartje will never be able to keep up with us."
"He has ways of finding us..." the wind whispered.
"He has? He's smarter than he looks. My name is Witz." said the Apple.


Great Pumpkin Punch

Red Apple Witz

Pumpkin Hollow

Rum Punch