Old Futhark



Uruz was a farmer, married with a healthy young girl. Her name was Drayla. He really loved her one time in his life, but then the children came, and everything changed.
Drayla only gave attention to his tree boys. Normally a man would be pleased to have 3 strong boys, but he wasn't. He was jealous of them, because they could spend all the time with Drayla.
He actually missed her lavender scented blond hair and dark skin. 
Ansuz was his oldest son. Then Laguz and Inguz came. 
Laguz and Inguz were rather lovable. But Ansuz with his strange ideas were too much.
He knew that it would break Drayla's heart, but she disserved it. He send Ansuz away to the druids. Hoping never to see him again.

But the effect on Drayla and the other boys was unexpected. Drayla cried all day, not taking any care of Laguz and Inguz. Both of them knew what their father had done, and hated him for it.
And Uruz had never learned to love his two younger sons.
Not much after he had send Ansuz away, it was on his 12th birthday, Drayla died. In her deathbed, she had cursed him. And even though Uruz had never been scared of anything, he was scared now.
But he still loved the fact that Ansuz was out of the house. And he didn't care about the other two. For all he knew, they could leave him too.

And Laguz did. He became a sailor. And next was Inguz. He left to search his oldest brother.
Left alone, he started to think about what he had done. He had killed his beloved Drayla. Finally the sorrow hit him, he was alone, and he had had everything in hands. He was getting older and he had wanted, even though his jealousy had taken control, one of the boys to take over the farm.

Years later, after every last servant left him and the farm was beginning to become a ruin, his 3 sons came back home.
There was not much left of the strong father they had once known. Now he was just an old men sitting in a rocking chair waiting for death.
"Please forgive me Drayla..." He said when all 3 were standing around Uruz.
"I forgive you father." Ansuz said with his trained voice. 
Uruz looked up in surprise. "Ansuz?" He asked with an old raspy voice.
"Yes father." 
"Oh son..." He opened his arms for a hug and cried like a baby. "Where is Drayla?"  He asked between his sobs.
"She's in heaven." Laguz said.
"No... No... I killed her.." He shook his head violently.
"Come father. Lets go outside." He didn't know who said it, but two strong arms grabbed him and pulled him on his feet. Then they walked outside.

They came and they went everyday, but they always got back home. Uruz always felt better when they were around him. His boys..
But then Ansuz came with terrible news. 
"We have to go to war father. We'll be back later." His oldest son, so strong and leaderish. Uruz needed them to live. The dark would catch him again. 
"No, you can't go!"
"We have to. We've made a commitment, and we're going to follow it."
Nothing had changed. Nothing at all. They were still angry. Drayla was still angry. 
"We promise to come back to you father."

And so they left. The only difference with the last time was that he dug himself under the work so he didn't have to think of everything else.
But then they got back. Ansuz and somebody he had never seen before. Riding on something that he had never thought it existed.
Ansuz must be very powerful indeed... 
"Come with us father.." He had said. And he had followed.

Uruz might have been the oldest candidate around, but he felt so fit that he could climb every mountain. He had found an extra life of some sort and was enjoying every minute of it. Experiancing a hatching was wonderful on it's own. he didn't need to impress a dragon, although that would make the night even extra special. He was surprised when this lovely green dragoness popped in front of him. The green, Dylanith, went to Uruz and bonded quickly. I'm never going to leave you, Uruz. Never!



Uruz is a candidate at
Darkling Dawn

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