Old Futhark


Thurisas and Teiwaz were walking together on the long road towards their new prepuce in life. Both brothers were summoned to go to war. First their was a training of a few years, weapons, fighting, statistic, and other stuff.
Both brothers were heartbroken to leave their home. But as they got further away from home, they knew that they were doing something good and besides.. The other brothers would soon follow them too.

When they got at the gates of their new home, Teiwaz told Thurisas: "We’re probably going to be separated.."
"I know. They can’t handle us both." Thurisas grinned at his brother and although he was sad, he couldn’t help but grin himself.

"Good morning boy!" It was a tall man with a well build, tanned body. His face had scares and his mouth seemed to have forgotten what a smile was. He was old, but still very powerful. "My name is Deflon, and I will train you into a leader."
"But there are 2 men higher in rank than me." Thurisas knew in which aett he was and also that A guy named Fehu and another Uruz
"Yes well you know how rich people get.. They have land so they don't have to go."
Thurisas' mouth fell open. 
"We have to do something about your manners first." Deflon said more to himself then to Thurisas.

The training for Thurisas was hard. He had to get some leadership in his long arms and legs and he had been clumsy for as long as he could remember.
Deflon got angry more than once, and Thurisas didn't really like people that were angry with him. So he did his best and he trained as hard and as long as his body could manage.
As a leader, he had to learn about statistics, fight tactics and know them all on the spot. He had to be the best in everything if he would be a leader, and well.. eventually he got everything right.

When Thurisas got everything right, knew all there was to know about fighting, he was ready to lead his group. One of his brothers was in it. Kenaz. It seemed that fighting was nothing for Kenaz. Thurisas had always known that, but had never told anybody.
Although he couldn't hold a sword right, he was a master in strategy. And thus came that Kenaz became Thurisas' councillor, and nobody was better for the job than he was.

He missed his family very much, although he saw his brothers every day, and they got annoying from time to time. They made fun of him because he was such a high ranking. He could punish them, but they were only making the time go faster.
Ehwaz, one of his younger brothers, had made some friends with a young boy called Berkus. Although something was wrong with the boy, he liked him as a little brother. 

A year before they all had to go towards a war of some nobleman, something happened that made boring days a lot more interesting.
His other younger brother, Eihwaz, had been caught kissing Berkus. 
Because Thurisas was Eihwaz' oldest brother, he came to him.
"Thurisas.. I need help."
"Yes I know. Rumers do travel quickly."
"But they're wrong." Eihwaz was almost crying because of frustration.
"Calm down Eihwaz."
"Berkana is a girl."
"Good for you. I don't know any Berkana."
Eihwaz sighed irritated "Berkus is Berkana. Berkus is a girl!"
Although most of his training was not letting to see others his emotions, his mouth fell open.
"Well well well..." He said.
"Will you please go talk to Ehwaz. Berkana is very sad. She has lost her best friend."
"Oh alright."

Thurisas had been thinking what he was going to say to Ehwaz. He could understand him.. Berkana had lied to him from the beginning, had fooled them all.
But Berkus had been a brother to him.. Or rather Berkana was a sister to him.
Because he was the leader, he normally would have to tell Deflon about this all, but then Berkana would be send away, and then Eihwaz' heart would break.
Confused, he bumped into Ehwaz.
"What do you want?" Ehwaz asked annoyed.
"Don't talk to me in that tone! Or I'm going to have to use my stripes." He didn't want to do that, but he had to if he wanted Ehwaz to shut up.
Ehwaz looked angry at his older brother, but said nothing.
"Look.. Give Berk..ana a chance. She isn't much different now that she's a girl."
"That's not the point."
"What is the point then? That she lied to you? Did you ever asked her?"
"Well then... technically it wasn't lying. It was just not telling."
"I thought she would trust me."
"Maybe she will, if you go talk to her. She misses you as a friend. And your brother is devastated."
"Hmm. Could be." He mumbled, turned on his heals around and then walked away.
Thurisas knew that he would go talk to her. Although it didn't seem like it at the moment. He knew his little brother too well.

Apparently his plan had worked. Later that day, Ehwaz and Berkana walked together, like nothing had happened. Ehwaz grinned again and even Berkana's eyes were shining.
Thurisas smiled softly and went on with his business. Soon they would all have to go fight and he wouldn't want his troops to louse the fight.

At the day they all left, Thurisas was nervous. What would happen, would he lose his brothers? He had a lot of responsibility, but he could handle it, he would lead his men to victory.
Leaving with a lot of noise, they left towards the battlefield.
But on their way there, a strange something happened. A dragon and his rider stopped his plans and asked for the leader.
"I am." Thurisas said as strickt as he could.
The young man smiled and asked:"How would you like to come with me in stead of that battlefield?"
"Were would we go?"
"Offworld... We need people... You see, there are eggs on the sands and they will hatch soon. But there aren't enough candidates. So I went to look."
"And so you need 23 men?"
"That's a lot. But there are more than one place to get a dragon. Don't you want one? Look at him? So beautifull.." The man grinned.
"I will ask my men. They have to choos for themselfs."
Thurisas asked them and his brothers didn't need to think twice. The other men under his command, hessitated some. But evetually, they all agreed to go with the man.
"There are two more people that hadn't come. Maybe you should try there too.." He gave the names of Fehu and Uruz.
"Great! Hop on!"


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