Old Futhark



Rank Third Aett, leader 
(under the command of Thurisas and Hagalaz; his twin and younger brother)
age 36 years
looks Blond curly hair, with some brown stripes in it. He kept it long until he entered the army.
Hazel coloured eyes and a soft smile, although less than his twin.
He's shorter than his twin and not as clumsy.
attitude A very friendly young man with great fighting talent en brains to go with it. He doesn't want to fight, only if it is necessary and he has taught his men to do the same.
He had never wanted to be a leader, but he thinks he can make a change in this group, by teaching them more than fighting alone.
history Teiwaz entered the army at the same time his twin, Thurisas did. He is the more quiet and protective one.
He never saw himself as a leader and so it was a shock to him that people had pointed him out to be the leader of the third Aett.
Next to fighting, he taught his men respect.

Teiwaz had been called to the hatching sands. White Terloth and Brown Lanthun had alerted them at the first tremor and a few hours went by before the first dragon actually hatched. Three eggs cracked, revealing a small, brightly coloured dragon who bonded one of the other candidates. 
That left the last egg. The hatchling inside took it's time, but finally it too had chipped away enough of the shell to break through. A dragon almost the same colour as it's shell appeared, white with just a tint of blue. 
Teiwaz went to meet the diamond male, believing his fate had finally arrived. In the back of his mind a small voice warned him that the dragon could still choose someone else, but once the leader lookd into the radiant eyes of the hatchling all doubts fell away. 
"My name is Lemkath." the dragon introduced himself.
"Teiwaz." the warrior returned, "Do you mind that I also have a duty to my men?" 
"No." Lemkath responded instantly, "They are yours to protect and I shall help you accomplish that."


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