Old Futhark



Rank Second Aett, a common warrior with loads of energy
age 25 years
looks Black curly hair that he keeps long, and light blue eyes.
He has large hands, and well trained arms.
attitude He doesn't see the harm in certain situations and he doesn't understand the world completely. But he is very loving and caring.
Perhaps he is too gullible too. But that flatters him
history He has always been a special boy with lots of energy and rather small attention period, but he was a sweet child and turned into a loving young man.
He loved the army and has trained there for almost 10 years now. He visited his parents occasionally and then he tells them everything he had learned and had done.

The soft spring sun had chased the chill of winter away these past days. Though the nights still warranted coats and scarves, the days, especially at noon were pleasant and warm. It was at one such noon that the eggs on the sands started showing signs of hatching. A small tremor started in one egg and seemed to ripple through the others, forming a very noticeable stirring.
The silver-winged green dragoness Shezare, protectively shielded her eggs from view while they hatched, keeping them warm and safe. It didn't take long for the candidates to arrive as they'd all been training nearby, waiting for this very moment.
Noticing all her hatchlings had safely hatched and all candidates were in place, Shezare dropped her wings and allowed for the others to get a glimpse of her progeny. Unlike the usual hatchings at Lantessama, they didn't need to wait for separate hatchings or pairings. No, these little hatchlings all wanted the cake two of the candidates had prepared. So they wasted no time in going over to the candidates and bonding. They all seemed to know who they wanted as bond, decisions that had maybe been made before they'd even hatched as the candidates had been allowed to spend a lot of time with the eggs by their easy-going mother Shezare and friendly sire Hashuith.
A more sedate, slow Tiger's Eye brown hatchling, crept up to the warrior Sowulo and sat down before him.

"My name is Iossith." he stated and waited for the warrior to reply. 
Gobsmacked, the usually boisterous soldier could only pat the head of his new dragon while the emotions overwhelmed him. 

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