Old Futhark


In his younger years, Raidho had been a strong young man that was honest and never lied.
And when he grew up, he didnít stop with being honest.
He became an apprentice with the towns blacksmith. In the years that followed, he learned more about the job, and when his master died, he took over the workshop.

On one of those days, as an owner, he met Mayra. She was a silent girl that had lived her whole life in town. She had been in the shop for a small thing, and they fell in love at first sight.

And then, after 4 years, they got married. Very happy, they stayed happy and even got a baby called Luc.
Working hard, Raidho and his family had a good life.
But then Raidho had to go to the army.
"Keep safe, my love." Mayra whispered to him.
"If anything is going wrong, you come to me ok?" He kissed her and his son goodbye.

When he got in the army, he had to go to the first Aett. He mainly adjusted the weapons of all the other men. But he himself didnít touch those weapons. He had an axe that he had made in the first year as an apprentice.
When he wasnít working with the metal, he was training.
But on a dark winter night, his wife and child came to him in terror.
"Mayra love. Whatís wrong? "
"Barbarians came to our town. They burned down everything.. Most of us were killed, but we could escape"
Hugging her, he guided her to the medical bay.
And when Ehwaz was looking at her and Luc, he went to ask Thurisas if they could stay.

They stayed there and she helped Ehwaz with the medicine bay. And that was why they came with them when they were send out for battle.
Raidho had wanted to avenge his town, but Thurisas talked him out of it.
And now, with his axe strapped on his back. He looked as the dragon landed and got them to go with them.


Raidho and Mayra are candidates at
Lantessama Isle

Lucas was busy applying ribbons and stremaers to the already hanging hearts when Cyan entered the holiday caverns. She looked around, no doubt judging his work with the eyes of a true critic before she asked, "Will we have enough room?"
"There's only 6 candidates sought, so yeah."
"That's little." Cyan sighed.
"Just as well. i told the finders to be picky. After all only a few of the eggs seemed to do well under the influences this time."
"What did you do?"
"I've been playing with a couple theme for a long time now and this year i tried it. But I think only a few eggs actually were compatible enough to survive and grow to full size. I'm lucky any did at all."
"So what are they looking for?"
"True love of course." Lucas said, climbing down from the ladder and taking out the pink tablecloths, "Help me with this will you."

When the preparations had been made, the 6 candidates, three couples, and two dragons from a previous valentine hatching entered the cavern. Berkana and Eihwaz were the most noticeable. The two of them had impressed at the valentine hatching two years ago, but they'd requested to take care of a new set of dragons. The love they had for each other knew no boundary and it seemed that their hearts were big enough to take on a new charge with the help of their now adult dragons. The second couple were also runic warriors, but they had only been found recently. Raidho, an axe-wielding blacksmith, his wife Mayra stood nervously awaiting the hatching. they were accompagnied by their young son Luc. Lastly, a newly-formed couple had been found on earth. The two of them, Alissa and Rudolph, had been set up by their mothers to have a blind date. Only hours later they'd been asked to come to Lantessama. Though the couple barely knew each other they seemed to hit it off in weird ways (including strange outfits).
A second couple hatched on the sands while the first pair was eating, aided by two doting humans and two concerned dragons. These two were purple in hue. The female was lighter than the male. They seemed cooler than the previous dragons, but also loving. They too communicated with each toher before heading out to Raidho, Mayra and their son Luc.

"Greetings." said the male, "My name is Sinensis."
"I'm Damascena." the female quietly said.
"We'd like to join you."
Mayra smiled at the two new additions to their family and welcomed them.

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